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Park Shin Hye Gives Birth to First Child

Park Shin Hye Gives Birth to First Child – Park Shin Hye finally gave birth to her first child with Choi Tae Joon on Tuesday (31/5). Here’s a portrait of her transformation from childhood to the official status of a mother.

Happy news came from the couple Park Shin Hye and Choi Tae Joon. This celebrity couple finally officially status as parents. Park Shin Hye was revealed to have given birth to their first child on Tuesday (31/5).

This happy news was revealed directly by Park Shin Hye’s agency, Salt Entertainment. Park Shin Hye is known to have given birth to a baby boy. The agency also revealed that Park Shin Hye gave birth at a hospital in Seoul in good health.

Salt Entertainment revealed that Park Shin Hye, Choi Tae Joon, and their families have been filled with joy because of the arrival of a new member. The couple’s family expressed their gratitude to fans. The agency also hopes for support for the family of this sweet couple.

Meanwhile, Park Shin Hye has been known to the public since she was a child. He has also been active in the South Korean entertainment industry since the age of 11. So, what is Park Shin Hye’s transformation like? Come on, take a peek at her portrait from baby to mother status:

Born In 1990

Park Shin Hye Gives Birth to First Child

Park Shin Hye is known to be born on February 18, 1990 in Gwangju, South Korea. Since childhood, Park Shin Hye has shown a cheerful and energetic character. Even the beauty of her face was radiating from an early age.

Start Pioneering Career

The Aquarius celebrity started his career in 2001. Park Shin Hye debuted as a model for Lee Seung Hwan’s video clip entitled “…Do You Love Me!”. Park Shin Hye is again believed to be the star of another Lee Sung Hwa song MV. Such as “Flower”, “I Ask Myself”, and “Fake Love Song”.

Married to Choi Tae Joon

Park Shin Hye succeeded in surprising the public when announcing her marriage to Choi Tae Joon. This is in accordance with one of the dreams of Park Shin Hye who claimed to want to get married at the age of 30.

Park Shin Hye again cut her hair before giving birth. even so, his new appearance successfully reaped praise from netizens. Park Shin Hye is predicted to be a good mother because she has shared two songs used for prenatal. Park Shin Hye Gives Birth to First Child.

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