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IU Admires One of Jay Park's Body Parts

Putroe Ijoe – IU Admires One of Jay Park’s Body Parts – Jay Park Appears As A Guest In The Video. The Musician Becomes Close With IU After The Two Collaborated For Jay Park’s Digital Single, ‘GANADARA’.

IU Admires One of Jay Park's Body Parts

On March 16, a new video titled “[IU’s Palette] Did you block my number? (With Jay Park) Ep.11” was posted on IU’s YouTube channel. Here, the owner of the real name Lee Jieun shows admiration for one part of Jay Park’s body.

Jay Park appeared as a guest in the video. The musician became close to IU after the two of them collaborated on Jay Park’s recently released digital single “GANADARA”.

In the video, IU calls Jay Park the person with the “cleanest skin in Korea” and recommends him as a model for a cosmetic commercial. While watching a video of Jay Park’s past, the singer-actress praised him.

“From then until now, the symbol of Jay Park that first came to my mind was that you have the cleanest skin in Korea. You really haven’t changed at all,” IU praised. Jay Park humbly replied, “Skin care is so magical these days.”

IU once talked about Jay Park’s flawless skin when Loco appeared on his YouTube channel before. IU said, “Jay Park has the cleanest skin among Korean male artists. It’s like a baby’s skin like a pear.”

Jay Park then expressed his desire to star in a commercial. “I wish I could do a cosmetic commercial,” and IU said, “You’ll get it. I’m sure you’ll get an offer after today’s video.”

Meanwhile, although it was only released on March 11, the song “GANADARA” apparently finished producing two years ago. That’s why IU thought that Jay Park would not release the song.

“GANADARA” is a bright and cheerful pop R&B song suitable for spring, with catchy lyrics suitable for White Day, an easy-to-sing melody and a refreshing vocal combination of IU and Jay Park. IU Admires One of Jay Park’s Body Parts

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