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Small or Narrow Bedroom Design

Small or Narrow Bedroom Design – There are also many bedrooms in a minimalist house measuring 2×2. This small bedroom must be decorated appropriately. Don’t let it feel too cramped and make resting time in the room uncomfortable. In order not to feel cramped, do not choose the wrong bedroom furniture.

Choose furniture as in the example, namely a single size floor mattress and a small nightstand. The nightstand can be used as a base to put a night light and store some things in the room. The size of the windows and curtains must also be adjusted. Do not use long curtains because it will make it feel fuller.

Bedroom design size 2×3 meters

Bedroom design size 2×3 meters

Not much different, a 2×3 size room also needs the right decoration so it’s not too cramped. As in the example picture, it is better to use a lot of wall hangings than furniture. So the room only contains one bed and one nightstand.

To make the room look beautiful and fresh, you can use wall decorations with plant patterns and place small plant pots. Likewise in the selection of bed linen patterns, choose something unique and refreshing.

Unique Bedroom Design

Unique Bedroom Design

Many people think that bedroom designs cannot be made unique. Even though there are many inspirations where the bedroom can be uniquely decorated too. One example is the image above. Rooms that are not too big have mattresses decorated in the shape of a hot air balloon. The size does not take up much space.

Apart from the mattress, simply add a desk and chair for studying or working on one side of the room. The other side of the room should be a large window, so that the room has good lighting and feels looser.

This unique bedroom design inspiration is highly recommended for children’s bedrooms. The bed that was transformed into a bird’s nest shape with pillows that resembled a bird’s egg was very adorable.

Room lights can also be modified so that they are shaped like decorations that complement the nest-shaped bed earlier. The rest of the room doesn’t need to be added anything else, so the room isn’t too full. Make sure there is enough light into the room, to make the room more comfortable.

Bedroom Design Under the Stairs

Bedroom Design Under the Stairs

The room under the stairs can also be modified into a bedroom. However, you certainly have to apply the concept of a minimalist bedroom design to stay comfortable to rest. As in the example, a small room under the stairs can be transformed into a comfortable bedroom complete with drawers underneath.

The drawer under the bed for one person can be used as a place to store clothes or other items. Don’t forget to place a small lamp above the bed as your minimalist bedroom lamp.

The bedroom under the stairs can also be transformed into a modern and luxurious room like the picture. Utilization of space by placing a mattress with the right size is the most important thing to note. To make it look more luxurious, try using bed linen with an elegant pattern.

The base of the mattress should be specially modified to the length and width of the space under the stairs. In addition, take advantage of the base as well as a storage area. Even more comfortable, if the side of the wall is added a unique shaped window like the picture.

2 Bed Bedroom Design

2 Bed Bedroom Design

In order to make the most of the room, bedroom designs are usually also made to fit 2 mattresses at once. As in the picture, if you choose the right mattress size, the room will not feel cramped. Make sure the length and width of the 2 mattresses do not take up room to move.

Use the same pattern of bed linen for aesthetics and decorate the ceiling with fabric that forms like a roof triangle. You can decorate the walls of the room with photos, then place two small nightstands in the middle, as well as spacers. Don’t forget to make sure there is a window in the room and place a potted plant in the corner to add coolness and freshness.

The following is an inspiration for a minimalist bedroom design with 2 mattresses, but it still looks modern even though it is simple. This room uses 2 single beds with dominant black and gray colors, in accordance with the minimalist room concept. In addition to the 2 mattresses, there are only 2 bedside lamps at the head of the mattress and two hanging shelves above the mattress.

The shelf above the mattress can be used to place pictures, photos, or other items. One side of the room is a window that ensures light enters and makes the room not stuffy.

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