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Park Shin Hye Do Something Noble At Christmas


Park Shin Hye Do Something Noble At Christmas – Christmas is usually synonymous with receiving gifts in the form of items that have been desired so far. Usually children in the world get these gifts under the Christmas tree. Therefore, the figure of Santa Claus is idolized during Christmas because he is claimed to be the giver of the gift.

Nevertheless, a number of South Korean celebrities interpret Christmas in an extraordinary way. Instead of receiving gifts, they actually do noble things for others. They seemed to incarnate as Santa Claus because they decided to donate to become volunteers for people in need at Christmas. It seems that they hope that everyone will feel the beauty and warmth of Christmas in winter as the year ends. Then, who? Let’s take a peek at a series of portraits of celebrities performing the following noble actions.

Park Shin Hye And 8 Celebrities Do Something Noble At Christmas

1. Kai EXO


In 2020, EXO’s Kai teamed up with UNICEF to become a virtual Santa for children in need at Christmas. Kai and UNICEF provide a selection of gifts ranging from ready-to-use meals, supplements, vaccination kits, blankets and more to marginalized children around the world through an online platform.

Especially at that time, children were considered to be experiencing a difficult winter in 2018 due to COVID-19. Therefore, Kai participated in the hope that all children around the world have at least a special Christmas.

2. Park Shin Hye

Park Shin Hye Do Something Noble At Christmas

Choi Tae Joon’s wife was reported to have donated towards the end of 2020. Park Shin Hye provided about 90,000 pads for children and youth from low-income families through the “Starlight Angel Project” with the NGO Korea Food for the Hungry International (KFHI).

Park Shin Hye’s donation is believed to benefit 500 children in 62 regional centers in South Korea. It is believed that the amount of pads donated by Park Shin Hye is enough to supply for 5 months. Previously, the artist was known to be active in various charity activities, so he received a sweet Christmas letter from someone at an event.

3. Kang Daniel

Kang Daniel

Kang Daniel also recently donated 30 million won (around 364 million rupiah) to Snail of Love on December 24, 2019. Snail of Love is known to be a social welfare organization for the deaf. The agency also revealed that the donation was made in the name of Kang Daniel’s fandom, DANITY. Not only that, the former Wanna One member also donated 31,000 briquettes to those in need through the Korean Coal Bank to spread warmth in winter.

On April 17, 2020, Kang Daniel met the first baby to receive a tremendous impact from his donation during a visit to Snail of Love. The baby’s parents are grateful that their child received cochlear implants and speech rehabilitation thanks to the generosity of the artist.

4. IU


IU is indeed known as a generous and angelic celebrity. For the past two years, IU has always donated through the Green Umbrella Children’s Foundation for Christmas celebrations. in 2020, IU donated 100 million won (approximately 1 billion rupiah) for living expenses for low-income students being cared for by grandparents and tuition fees for college preparation.

On December 24, 2021, IU again donated 200 million won (around 2 billion rupiah) to the same organization. EDAM Entertainment as the agency also confirmed that IU donated 100 million won each to cancer patients and children from low-income families.

5. Siwon Super Junior & Choi Sooyoung SNSD

Siwon Super Junior & Choi Sooyoung SNSD

Choi Siwon Super Junior and Choi Sooyoung SNSD (Girls’ Generation) have been appointed as brand ambassadors for UNICEF’s Santa Campaign on December 17, 2013. They will be entrusted with helping children in need during the holiday season. UNICEF chose both because Duo Choi consistently donates. The previous year, UEE was chosen as the brand ambassador for the UNICEF campaign.

6. Arin Oh My Girl

Arin Oh My Girl

Maknae Oh My Girl took part in an event to share Gift Boxes for children from underprivileged families as part of the CLAmi Beauty Santa expedition. Arin as Clarins’ brand ambassador also visited the World Vision Social Welfare Center to participate in volunteer activities at Christmas 2021.

Arin and others sent Christmas gift boxes worth 3 million Won (around Rp. 36 million) to children from low-income families. The idol feels happy to be able to spend the end of the year warmer and happier.

7. Ong Seong Wu

Ong Seong Wu

On December 21, 2021, UNICEF released the Christmas year-end campaign video “Would you like to be Santa Claus with me?” with actor Ong Seong Wu (Ong Sung Woo). The star of the drama “More Than Friends” looks enthusiastic because he can become Santa Claus and provide warm comfort to children around the world at Christmas.

8. Lee Hyeri Girl’s Day

8. Lee Hyeri Girl's Day

Lee Hyeri donated 50 million won (around Rp. 600 million) to the Green Umbrella Children’s Foundation on Christmas Day 2018. The Girl’s Day member’s donation will be donated to medical expenses for children who suffer from illnesses so they can celebrate Christmas with love.

Such are the glorious things that South Korean celebrities do. They decided to share happiness through noble actions at Christmas. The sincerity of these artists is considered capable of providing warmth in the winter at the end of the year.

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