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Contemporary and Modern Cafe Interior Design

Contemporary and Modern Cafe Interior Design – Mini Cafe Interior Design – confused where to hangout on vacation? Just hanging out at the Cafe, it’s definitely fun. Especially with friends and loved ones. If you usually go to a mediocre cafe. so you don’t get bored trying to find a unique cafe to hang out. For example to a cafe where you can also bring your favorite cat. now there are many cafes specifically for cat lovers.

You can also hang out in a cafe that is not too crowded. So you can enjoy a more private atmosphere without being disturbed by crowds. Or, so that the atmosphere is a bit different, you can hang out at a cafe with a unique and not too big interior design, aka a mini cafe.

Although the size is not too wide, the cafe with a mini size is also cool for hanging out. Who knows you may also be interested in opening a cafe business. Mini cafes can be a good reference if you don’t have a large area to open a business. Well, here are some mini cafes that you can visit or use as a reference for your cafe business. anything? Check out the full review below.

1. Hello kitty cafe, Pantai Indah Kapuk

Hello kitty cafe, Pantai Indah Kapuk

This cafe is designed with a mini interior, it looks like hello kitty cafes in Japan. Dominated by all pink color, it looks unique and cute. You will feel at home in this mini cafe while eating a delicious menu with friends. You can find this cafe in big cities in Indonesia, one of which is on the beautiful Kapok beach. Curious? You can visit it, invite your friends to make it more exciting.

2. Cutie Cat and Cafe, Kemang

Cutie Cat and Cafe, Kemang

Cafe mini one presents a slick interior design. Equipped with furniture such as tables and chairs that are arranged eccentrically and comfortably. Another interesting thing, the cafe that can be found in the Kemang area is suitable for cat lovers. So, you can bring your favorite cat here. You can meet fellow cat lovers while relaxing enjoying a Cafe meal.

3. Monks coffee roaster, Medan

Monks coffee roaster, Medan

Well, if you can find this Cafe in the Polonia area, North Sumatra. This cafe with a mini interior design was originally only functioned as a coffee roaster. But over time, many people even like it as a hangout place.

This Monks coffee roaster has a simple design. In the interior, there is a small room, consisting of a number of tables for visitors to enjoy coffee. Being in this cafe, it feels like enjoying a cup of coffee at home. The floor and ceiling have a unique pattern, also supported by dim lighting, making you feel at home for a long time here, of course, this cafe is also very instagramable.

4. Cafe spotten, Alam Sutra

Cafe spotten, Alam Sutra

This cafe is quite artistic. The interior is unique and mini carrying an industrial concept. Visiting this cafe which is located in the natural area of ​​silk, you will be treated to a stunning interior display, because it displays the patterns and colors of original materials that seem natural and elegant. This cafe is suitable for young business people, but also very suitable for taking pictures.

5. A.go.go cafe, Bandar Lampung

A.go.go cafe, Bandar Lampung

This cafe can be found in Bandar Lampung. The location is on the side of the road, perfect for hangouts, especially at night. This mini cafe looks more alive with perfect lighting at night. On the outside, there is an arrangement of chairs under a tree. Very comfortable to relax on the weekend with loved ones.

6. Industrial cafe wall design

Industrial cafe wall design

In the next example of cafe interior design, we can see with a cafe design concept that applies an industrial feel to the cafe wall design by making the walls show an arrangement of bricks that makes the feel in the cafe room more classic. Coupled with furniture such as tables and chairs with a modern classic style that is comfortable to sit on.

7. Cafe Sofa and Table

Cafe Sofa and Table

In addition, in designing a mini-sized cafe interior, the selection of sofas and cafe tables must also be based on the right size. Do not let you choose to buy sofas and cafe chairs that are too large for a narrow or small cafe.

8. Plant Accessories Cafe

Plant Accessories Cafe

To decorate the interior of a small cafe room to make the room look more beautiful, you can add decoration accessories such as plastic ornamental plants or original ornamental plants to make the interior of the room not look plain.

9. Ornamental Plants for Cafe Decoration

Ornamental Plants for Cafe Decoration

In addition, ornamental plants for cafe decorations must be placed correctly and the size of these plants should also not be too big or too many. Because the cafe has a small size, the selection of mini plants such as cacti or other small ornamental plants is the most appropriate choice.

10. Cafe lighting and lighting

Cafe lighting and lighting

In decorating the interior of a mini cafe, the next thing that must be considered is lighting and lights. Because lighting factors can affect the atmosphere of a small cafe, you have to be smart in choosing the right lights and lighting so that a small cafe doesn’t feel cramped and cramped when the lighting isn’t right.

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