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Favorite Terrace Ceramic Design

Favorite Terrace Ceramic Design – In a house, the existence of a terrace is certainly a ‘face’ for the homeowner. The patio is the part that gives an impression to the owner when someone looks at a house. Seeing how important the terrace is in our home, it is not surprising that in designing a house, we are often required to design a home design, including in terms of material.

This time Kania will share with you about the terrace ceramic model that you can use. Yes, home terrace ceramics can undeniably make our home feel more elegant and comfortable to live in. As long as we can be right when choosing motifs and combining existing walls and furniture, patio ceramics can be chosen appropriately.

1. Monochrome patio ceramic model

Monochrome patio ceramic model


The terrace by playing with simple colors of black and white or referred to as monochrome can give a calm and peaceful impression, but represents simplicity as well as luxury. Monochrome is a color palette that is based on one color on a series of color lines so as to produce harmonious and uniform colors. Including the ceramic terrace in the picture above. Accent the green of the plants that contrasts with the monochrome color of the patio ceramics to make your terrace feel more alive.

2. Ceramic model of terrace tile for a cozy abis terrace

Ceramic model of terrace tile for a cozy abis terrace


Tile is indeed one of the popular models of terrace ceramics. One of them can imitate the style of the terrace ceramic terrace above which is in the form of traditional tile terrace ceramics. With a coffee table next to a pot or vase, you can also add a hammock as your place to rest while enjoying the beauty of the afternoon on the terrace of the house.

3. Ceramic terrace all black tile.

Ceramic terrace all black tile.

In the ceramic terrace by taking the all black theme, you can use ceramics from marble or other natural rocks, so it will give a cool impression when the feet step or just want to sit on the terrace together with guests who really don’t want to spend time in the living room.

4. Ethnic-themed terrace ceramics

Ethnic-themed terrace ceramics


This terrace ceramic can be adjusted to all the selected furniture on the terrace of your own house. Now for vintage, it doesn’t actually require a special ceramic pattern, but by combining it with the furniture on the terrace of the house. For example, the cabinet is transformed into a patio chair, then combined with small colored cushions in line with the tiled floor of the terrace on the bench. The color of the terrace ceramics can also be adjusted to the walls of the terrace of the house.

5. Ceramic terrace with colorful shades for your shabby chic themed terrace.

Ceramic terrace with colorful


For the shabby chic-themed terrace that is currently trending among young mothers, you can also combine it with patio ceramics with mixed or colorful patterns or motifs. Shabby chic is thick with shades of pastel colors. White, baby pink, light mint green, and other colors that have a soft concept can be poured into the supporting elements of this shabby chic terrace.

You can add the color to the cushion cover, display on the coffee table, including the ceramic terrace. Make sure you already know which part of the shabby chic style you want to display!

6. Ceramic terraces of natural stone

Ceramic terraces of natural stone

For a more homey impression on the design of the terrace of the house, you can use patio ceramics from natural rock materials. You can adjust the color selection of terrace ceramics with natural rocks to the pattern you want for your tiny terrace. You can also add chairs and coffee tables with matching colors. It is suitable for a terrace that is near the flower garden in your home.

7. Ceramic stone terraces for outdoor terraces

Ceramic stone terraces for outdoor terraces


This terrace uses palimanan type natural rocks that are suitable for your outdoor terrace. Not to forget also with a small fireplace near the terrace of this house has a color similar to the ceramic terrace that can give its own harmony and make the residents of the house feel comfortable. Also add sofa cushions and cushions to the wooden chairs on your terrace. Accents in the form of rug carpets also make the ceramic terrace look sweet.

8. Ceramic terrace tiles for a beautiful rooftop terrace

Ceramic terrace tiles for a beautiful rooftop terrace

The application of this patio ceramic is also suitable for the terrace in your home. In addition to giving the impression of elegance and peace. The shape and motif of this pattern can make your terrace comfortable to use for an afternoon rest while drinking tea with the family.

9. Ceramic terrace for the mini bar on your terrace.

Ceramic terrace for the mini bar on your terrace.

In addition to the floor on the terrace, this ceramic can also be applied to the ceramics of the mini bar terrace on your terrace. Combined with wooden elements on the floor which also have the same color as the chairs, making your terrace suitable for use as a small gathering place together with your friends.

10. Patio ceramics combined with natural rocks.

Patio ceramics combined with natural rocks.

The terrace ceramics on this one terrace is one type of ceramics with black and white motifs and colors. Combined with natural granite-type rocks complete with minimalist chairs and sofas, making the terrace more elegant but still comfortable to use for rest. Also add cushions with colors in line with the ceramics of the terrace or with the natural rocks on this terrace.

In fact, when you want to apply or when you want to choose the color or type of ceramics of the home terrace should pay attention to some directions or tips so that you can be precise and not choose the wrong one. Among these are the following:

  • Choose patio ceramics from weatherproof materials. Weather can affect the texture and color of the terrace ceramics that you will choose.
  • Pay attention to the presence of surfaces from the ceramic terrace itself. You can choose patio ceramics with a rough surface or textured patio ceramics so that they are not slippery when hit by rain.
  • In terms of combining colors, you can play around with bright colors combined with white on the ceramic terrace so that it can look fresher. There is nothing wrong, you know, if you want to play with bright colors such as light green, light blue, or pink with white as a combination. With the condition, you must be able to see the level of harmony of paint colors thoroughly.
  • If you want to play it safe, you can pay attention to the color of the walls so that you can balance the color of the ceramic terrace with color with paint. You can choose the same color and motif that suits the theme or concept of your residence.

How about, how cool is the ceramic motif of the terrace above? It is guaranteed that time to gather with family will be more enjoyable if it is equipped with beautiful patio ceramics. If you like this article, don’t forget to share and check other articles on Dekoruma! In addition to articles, Dekoruma also sells hanging shelves, sofas, cabinets, and various other types of furniture to complete your residence, you know!

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