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Bae Suzy Anna's drama even got angry with Chinese netizens

Bae Suzy Anna’s drama even got angry with Chinese netizens – Anna’s dramas are constantly receiving praise thanks to the actors’ acting and extraordinary storylines.

Anna hooked a line of top-notch actors and actresses to play the role, some of them were Bae Suzy, Kim Jung Han and Jung Eun Chae.

The drama, which was directed by Lee Joo Young, tells the story of a woman who snatches another person’s life.

Citing Asianwiki, the woman is named as Yoomi, played by Bae Suzy.

Yoomi is described as a two-faced woman as well as a high-class con artist.

Having an interesting storyline, many viewers praised the perfection of this drama.

However, recently the drama Anna has drawn anger from Chinese netizens.

This is because the fake watch scenes shown in the drama are based on actual events.

Bae Suzy Anna

Suddenly the anger of Chinese netizens attracted the attention of the South Korean audience.

But the anger has actually become a boomerang for Chinese netizens.

Quoting Allkpop, Friday July 1 2022, the drama controversy Anna had become trending No. 1 on China’s largest social media platform, Weibo on June 30, 2022.

The controversial scene is in episode 2 of the drama.

In the scene, Bae Suzy goes to a retail store to sell a Swiss watch given by her boss, Hyun Joo (Jung Eun Chae).

However, the watch was called a fake from China which made Yoomi feel embarrassed.

The retailer said the watch was a brand that was involved in a scam about 4 or 5 years ago.

He even explained in detail the parts of the watch that came from China.

However, since their screws are installed in Switzerland, the watch is said to be Swiss made.

The retailer said that even if the watch was sold it would not have any significant value.

This made Chinese netizens furious because they felt that their country was labeled as a manufacturer of counterfeit goods.

They immediately flooded Weibo with various comments, one of which read “Korea always slanders China.”

Not only that, Chinese netizens also said that Korea had spread false information about China.

However, this scene is based on a true incident that shocked the people of South Korea.

A fake watch that became a controversy in Anna's drama.

The scene was inspired by the case of the Vincent & Co brand, which sells cheap Chinese watches.

However, the brand says it looks as if the product is a luxury watch worn by European royalty.

In Anna’s drama, the brand of the watch is also clarified as if to show that the scene comes from a real event.

But the scene sparked the anger of Chinese netizens. Even so, the South Korean audience responded casually.

In fact, South Korean netizens questioned where the Chinese netizens watched Anna’s drama from.

The reason is, the drama starring Bae Suzy has not been officially released or distributed in China.

From there, it was known that Chinese netizens were suspected of watching Anna’s drama illegally.

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