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RM Opens Up About Rumors of BTS Disbanding

RM Opens Up About Rumors of BTS Disbanding

RM Opens Up About Rumors of BTS Disbanding – Rumors of BTS Disbanding were immediately responded to by the members, one of them was RM BTS (Rap Monster). The BTS Leader Shares A Long Statement On Weverse.

BTS (Bangtan Boys) has officially announced the group hiatus. This boy group fronted by Jin cs will focus more on their individual activities. But suddenly there were rumors about the disbandment of BTS.

Rumors of BTS disbanding were immediately responded to by the members, one of which was RM (Rap Monster). The BTS leader shared a lengthy statement on Weverse. He said that he had been contacted a lot since BTS announced the hiatus.

“After the latest broadcast (Festa Dinner Party), I received an unparalleled number of calls and messages since I debuted,” said RM. RM revealed that he had anticipated their statements would be taken out of context and framed negatively.

“Many screenshots of headlines and articles, which have been shared with me, use aggressive keywords taken out of context, such as BTS ‘disbanding’, ‘stopping group activity’, and ‘announcing hiatus’,” said RM.

RM continued, “I fully anticipated this happening. I also braced myself for it. But it still leaves a bitter taste in my heart. But I don’t want everyone to watch our entire broadcast crying and whining before making any comments.”

“The broadcast—as a testament to the fact that it’s in the style of an unusual ‘dinner party’ content and aired on June 13th that is meaningful—is solely and completely dedicated to ARMYs who have supported us for the past nine years,” added RM.

RM then said, “Sure, non-ARMYs may think that the members and I are being overdramatized or that we are ungrateful. But there was a decade of time between ARMYs and us when we shared anything and everything endlessly. have is special, without a doubt.” After that, RM revealed that there were important things he wanted to clarify.

“What I want to clarify is that we are not ‘wordy’ about anything. There is no need to ‘read between the lines’ in the broadcast, we are really open and honest about everything we feel,” said RM.

And in the process of being open and honest about our feelings, we ended up shedding tears. I have no doubt in my heart that ARMYs, who know us for who we are, will understand all of this with great generosity. We mean what we do. say in the broadcast as it is, without any other messages,” continued RM.

RM also opened up about Jungkook and V’s response to the disbandment of BTS. “As Jungkook and Taehyung explained very well, the members are very open to discussing the future of BTS whenever we get the chance,” said RM.

“Yes, there were hard times and difficult feelings for us, but we met when we were very young. We’ve been through quite a lot of trials and mistakes, but that’s because we’ve grown and matured together through our teens and 20s,” added RM.

RM next said, “I feel like this post will look dramatic too. And I’m afraid this post will only make the trolls eat more. But I want to at least explain myself briefly because I said a lot of things on the broadcast.”

“Thank you so much for watching the broadcast and sending so much love, support, and positive energy to us from near and far. Going forward, I promise to continue to show my best behavior, as an individual and as part of a team. Thank you,” concluded RM.

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