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RM BTS Talks About His Inspiration In Music

RM BTS Talks About His Inspiration In Music

RM BTS Talks About His Inspiration In Music – RM Talks About BTS’s Fame, Music, And Music Collaboration And Discusses How His Passion To Learn Art Leads To His Revelation About Creating Music.

Recently Rap Monster greeted fans through an interview with Weverse magazine. On the occasion, the leader of the Bangtan Boys boyband also talked about BTS’ fame, music, and music collaboration and discussed how his passion for learning art resulted in revelations about creating music.

RM was previously well known as an art appreciator, frequenting museums and art galleries, which he noted on his Instagram. In closing the first chapter of BTS, RM once again emphasized the importance of this time period for the group’s new chapter. “I totally understood what this group was like in the past, but now it seems I’ve reached a phase where it’s impossible for me to clearly know what the group is like or even who I am,” he said.

To further define BTS and himself, RM now wants to draw inspiration from any source he can. “I think I need to seek inspiration from people all over the world. I have an urgent desire inside of me to be inspired by all the inspiration and influence in the world,” she added.

In addition, RM also reflected on the experience he had in the entertainment industry and shared that he is grateful to be in a changing industry that thrives on innovation. RM pointed out that the songs are getting shorter and noted that music is influenced by how people live in each era. Maybe this is why RM appreciates old music and wants to emulate the feeling you get when you listen to old songs.

“I still think that the emotional response that comes with experiencing the older works is more intense. There’s something about them that touches your heart on a fundamental level,” he exclaims. RM himself has found inspiration in the works of art he studied and admired. Just like works of art that are admired from generation to generation, RM wanted to create music that would be considered the same.

“I think I should make things that will shine even after time passes. I think I need to approach something more timeless. I’m still young and have a lot to do, so I don’t know if it’s something I can gain through I just want to, but I think I better remember it,” said RM.

Meanwhile RM noted that with today’s rapidly changing trends, often times the songs feel popular one minute and then forgotten the next and explains that in reviewing classic songs and works of art that have been loved for years , he finds one common theme that creators stay true to themselves. “They are all people who stay true to their essence no matter what trends dictate, even if it makes them lonely, or people who protect whatever they are after in the world.”

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