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RM BTS Discusses Problems in the K-Pop Industry

RM BTS Discusses Problems in the K-Po Industry

RM BTS Discusses Problems in the K-Pop Industry – The fact that BTS lost a ‘feel’ of who they are and forgot the message they wanted to share with fans stems from problems with the K-pop industry, according to RM.

On the surface, the K-Pop world seems to be an industry full of light, glamour, and fame. However, more and more idols are sharing the harsh realities of the industry. Recently, RM (Rap Monster) BTS (Bangtan Boys) learned about issues surrounding the industry and the training system.

BTS held the 2022 BANGTAN FESTA Dinner on YouTube to celebrate their 9th anniversary. Along with some hilarious anecdotes, the group became real about their future, announcing that they were taking some time away from group activities to focus on solo activities.

In particular, RM brought up the fact that after releasing their songs like “Butter” and “Permission to Dance,” something changed, adding, “I don’t know what kind of group we are anymore.” After that, the group leader also touched on issues in the K-Pop industry.

RM explained that he has always seen BTS as a different group compared to other groups that have debuted in the industry. The fact that the group lost a “feel” of who they are and forgot the message they wanted to share with fans stems from problems with the industry, according to RM.

“But the problem with K-Pop and the whole idol system is that they don’t give you time to mature. You have to keep producing music and keep doing things,” said RM.

RM was then honest and explained how this mentality affected him as an idol and his role as the leader of BTS. Despite always looking as if he is the strongest person in the world, RM is honest about how the pace of the idol life has caused him trouble.

“Once I wake up in the morning and put on my makeup, there’s no time left to grow. And it’s not just about music and work. I’ve changed as a person over the last ten years,” she said.

According to RM, it was time for him to help himself grow as a person and as an artist, but that was something he couldn’t do. Although it wouldn’t have been a problem in the past, it did take its toll after all this time.

So I need to think and have some time alone, and then those thoughts can mature into something uniquely mine. I can balance this with my previous job. But after ten years of living as BTS and working on all our schedules, I can’t physically mature anymore. ,” continued RM.

RM then shared that as the leader of BTS, he should be aware of what a group is but that it would have to sacrifice understanding himself and the members as much as necessary, especially when he believes his role has been narrowed down.

“There’s no time for me to think that I have to realize who I am, what kind of group BTS is. I need to realize why I’m here, who the members are to me, the path we will take as a group to go through interviews and write lyrics. certain, I’m not sure what group we are,” said RM.

Considering BTS’ fame and popularity, RM deserves praise not only for being vocal about idol issues but also for sharing his own problems. As veteran idols, many will admire BTS and RM and their honesty hopefully helps them feel less alone.

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