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BLACKPINK Jennie's Luxury House Becomes a Hot Topic

BLACKPINK Jennie’s Luxury House Becomes a Hot Topic – Jennie’s House Is A Luxury Villa In UN Village Located In Hannam-Dong, One Of The Richest Areas Where Only The Top 1 Percent Of People Are Of High Income In Korea.

BLACKPINK Jennie’s Luxury House Becomes a Hot Topic

Jennie BLACKPINK’s (Black Pink) luxury house immediately attracted attention when it was revealed through her personal YouTube vlog. Not long ago the idol also planned to move from there.

Jennie, who was recently involved in dating rumors with BTS’s V (Bangtan Boys), launched an individual YouTube channel to celebrate her birthday in January last year. The idol reveals his daily life in the first video.

After the video was released, it was revealed that Jennie’s house was a luxury villa in UN Village located in Hannam-dong. It is one of the richest regions where only the top 1 percent of high-income people in Korea live there.

BLACKPINK Jennie’s Luxury House

Jennie’s house is a two-story penthouse with four bedrooms and three bathrooms. The 430-square-meter house, called “The House,” was worth 6 billion won (approximately 69 billion) at the time of purchase.

The appearance of the house in the photo above is not Jennie’s residence. However, it is the appearance of a luxurious house in UN Village which is the same type as Jennie’s residence.

Jennie’s house has excellent local security, as well as a quiet and secluded atmosphere. Celebrities, chaebols, politicians and business figures also live here. Besides Jennie, “The House” was bought by two other YG artists, one of whom has left.

In 2008, PSY bought a 274-square-meter apartment for 2.572 billion won. The couple Sean and Jung Hye Young also bought an apartment of the same size for 3.2 billion won in 2018.

Meanwhile, Jennie revealed that she immediately moved from the house she lived in with her mother. However, it is not yet known what the house in question is the penthouse in the spotlight.

In related news, BLACKPINK is reported to be making a comeback and holding a world concert tour in the second half of this year. However, YG Entertainment has not released any statement regarding their comeback.

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