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Jungkook Shows off His Grandmother

Jungkook Shows off His Grandmother – In a recent live broadcast, the members talked about how their parents used to take photos, which ended up being a hilarious sermon session.

Jungkook Shows off His Grandmother

BTS (Bangtan Boys) also likes to share stories, especially when they are getting together. Like not long ago, some of the members talked about their families.

On April 16, J-Hope V and BTS’ Jimin held a post-concert live broadcast where they discussed everything from Las Vegas to TMI. Jungkook joined after a sparring session with his boxing coach.

When it came time to take group photos, the members talked about how their parents used to take photos, which turned out to be a hilarious sermon session.

J-Hope started off by showing his dad’s selfie style, which is a low angle. “My dad answers video calls this way,” Jimin adds, talking about his dad.

Then Jimin imitated his father’s own photo technique. “We can only see the eyes of the people behind him,” said the 1995-born idol with a laugh.

Jungkook’s grandmother is actually modern. He is a selfie photo expert, you know. “My grandmother is very good at taking selfies,” said the “golden maknae” boasting of his grandmother. “He has his own vibe,” he continued.

Jimin then shared that his grandmother didn’t even know how to check texts. “When, huh? I think it’s his birthday. I sent a really long message,” he said.

“When I visited her, I asked, ‘Grandma, did you see the text message I sent?’ Then he said he didn’t even know I messaged him. He checked and found it. He doesn’t know how to check messages.”

Meanwhile, BTS is confirmed to be making a comeback on June 10. The group made by Big Hit Music announced it directly through a video that appeared at the end of their concert.

BTS has returned to South Korea after their long schedule in the United States. On the morning of April 19 KST, the members except for RM (Rap Monster) arrived at Incheon International Airport to be greeted by reporters and their fans.

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