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Fans Suspect Seol In A And Kim Min Kyu Real Relationship

Fans Suspect Seol In A And Kim Min Kyu Real Relationship

Seol In A And Kim Min Kyu – Many ‘Business Proposal’ Fans Are Wondering If Maybe The Reason For Seol In A And Kim Min Kyu’s Great Chemistry Is Because There’s Something Between The Two In The Real World.

“Business Proposal” is not only loved by the audience because of the main partner. The extraordinary chemistry of the second leads Seol In A and Kim Min Kyu also managed to steal the hearts of many South Korean drama lovers.

Almost every “Business Proposal” scene that shows Jin Young Seo (Seol In A) and Cha Sung Hoon (Kim Min Kyu) always goes viral, one of which is the moment when they do intimate scenes such as hot kissing.

But recently, fans of “Business Proposal” actually suspect Seol In A and Kim Min Kyu’s genuine relationship outside of the drama. Many are wondering if maybe the reason for their great chemistry in the drama is because there is something between the two in real life.

Not without reason, the various moments of Seol In A and Kim Min Kyu outside the drama became a conversation. In an interview, Kim Min Kyu said the kiss scene with Seol In A in “Business Proposal” was so memorable.

“We had to shoot a kiss scene, and he suddenly started jumping and dancing in circles around me, singing at the same time,” said Kim Min Kyu. On the set when the kiss scene happened, Seol In A did act cute a lot.

Suspicion grew even greater because Seol In A also revealed the concern of Kim Min Kyu who often checked his condition on the sidelines of the filming process. “After every scene, (he will ask) did you hurt? How’s your ankle?” confide in Seol In A.

Kim Min Gue admitted that he was always worried about Seol In A. “I’m always worried about you. Even when I’m not filming, I’ll text and ask, how’s your wound?” said Kim Min Kyu.

The last one was about Kim Min Kyu texting Seol In A at night even when they weren’t filming together. “At dawn, I will not be able to sleep because I am very sick. So I will send a message like Young Seo, are you sleeping? I want to ask for advice about my wisdom teeth,” said Kim Min Kyu.

Naturally, Seol In A and Kim Min Kyu’s closeness outside of the “Business Proposal” filming sparked suspicions about whether they might really be dating. What do you think?

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