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Thinking Can Destroy Mental Health Conditions

Thinking Can Destroy Mental Health Conditions – Often times, a person’s mind is filled with things that actually don’t really happen in reality. This thinking error can create conditions mental health one can be broken.

Thinking Can Destroy Mental Health Conditions

Therefore, recognizing and working to stop these thinking errors must be done immediately to save mental health while developing communication, relationship, and decision-making skills. Reported from Psychology Todayfollowing a row thinking mistakes that can destroy mental health conditionslet’s stop!

Mindset All-or-Nothing

Sometimes, some people see things through black or white lenses that lead them to judge things by two very conflicting standards. For example, when something is not a good thing, then it is a bad thing.

This mindset can also make you think that if you haven’t succeeded in completing something, then you are the one who will continue to fail. Therefore, you must realize that there is a color between black and white, namely gray where you can put a problem or thing in an area that cannot be completely good or completely wrong.


Just like with the previous category, it’s easy for someone to get caught up in an over-generalizing mindset. For example, when you fail to reach the target, you will think that you are bad at that one task.

The same thing applies when you get bad treatment from someone in your family, then you then call your family a bunch of impolite people. Note that sometimes, an incident will only apply to a particular situation instead of the rest of your life.

Focus on the Negatives

Sometimes, a person will focus on one negative thing that happened in a day instead of a series of other positive things that happened that same day. It should be noted that this mindset that focuses too much on the negative will make you unable to see a situation realistically. Therefore, try to develop a balanced mindset that pays attention to both the positive and negative aspects of your life.

Trying to Read Other People’s Minds

You can never be sure what other people think. Despite that, everyone sometimes assumes that they know what’s on other people’s minds.

Assuming that people think bad things about us will lead you to conclusions that may be far from reality. Therefore, always remember that you may not make correct guesses about other people’s perceptions.

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