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Jennie BLACKPINK Rumored to Beyoncé’s Party

Jennie BLACKPINK Rumored to Beyoncé’s Party – Jennie Has Completed the Promotion Period of BLACKPINK’s Comeback Which Released the Song ‘BORN PINK’. The Group Is Now Preparing For The World Concert Tour That Will Begin In Seoul Mid-October.

Jennie BLACKPINK Rumored to Beyoncé’s Party

Jennie is now in Paris to attend chanel events in the Paris Fashion Week 2022 series. But the BLACKPINK member also seems to have other schedules with world celebrities.

According to rumors spread by fans online, Jennie was invited to attend a party organized by Beyoncé. The party was also reportedly attended by Halsey, Lori Harvey, Doja Cat, Normani, Chiara Ferragni, Olivier Rousteing and many more.

The rumor of Jennie attending Beyonce’s party went viral, causing an uproar among fans. Because the idol born in 1996 has previously visited other world celebrity parties such as Ariana Grande, Rihanna and others.

However, the strict rules that apply at Beyonce’s party have made many fans upset. Because anyone is not allowed to use a mobile phone. Anyone caught using a mobile phone will be asked to leave the party.

“OMFGGGGG DEEPIKA ALSO ATTENDED BEYONCÉ’S PARTY?!? So, you guys told me that Jennie and him might have met too!!?!?? Now I’m so upset that no calls are allowed,” one fan wrote.

“DOES THIS MEAN FOR JENNIE TO ATTEND A PARTY PROVIDED BY BEYONC?,” continued another. “Jennie was actually invited to a rihanna party, a halloween party from Ariana Grande, and now a beyoncé tiffany party. oh REALLY that girl!,” concluded another fan.

On the other hand, rumors of Jennie being invited to attend Beyonce’s party have drawn confusion among fans. Because the local media has started a YouTube live stream waiting for the arrival of the “Pink Venom” singer in South Korea.

Meanwhile, Jennie has completed the promotional period of BLACKPINK’s comeback which released the album “BORN PINK”. The group is now preparing for a world concert tour that will begin in Seoul this mid-October. Don’t miss watching it.

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