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RM BTS Souvenirs from the Swiss Art Festival Surprise

RM BTS Souvenirs from the Swiss Art Festival Surprise

RM BTS Souvenirs from the Swiss Art Festival Surprise – Revealed In BTS’s Individual Vlog, RM Documented His Trip To Switzerland To Visit An Art Festival. Art Basel’s ‘Gifts’ for His Home Have Fantastic Prices.

Some time ago, RM (Rap Monster) the leader of Bangtan Boys went to Switzerland to attend the famous art festival, Art Basel. The journey of the owner of the name Kim Nam Joon was documented in his turn vlog on the BTS YouTube channel.

All the way to Switzerland, RM revealed that he had wanted to go to Art Basel for a long time. So he is willing to travel long distances to gain valuable experience and add experience.

In addition, RM has also uploaded new photos on his personal Instagram recently. RM shows some of his valuable art collection.

In his latest photos, RM shows the inside of his house decorated with “souvenirs” from Switzerland. One of RM’s photos shows his large glass sculpture “Untitled (But the boomerang that returns is not the same one I threw.’)” by American artist Roni Horn.

Fans were able to quickly track down the unique piece of art and found that it had previously been sold through the Xavier Hufkens Gallery in Belgium in 2021. Even more surprising, the piece was valued at 1.2 million USD (Rp17 billion).

Based on this data, the Xavier Hufkens Gallery marketed it through Art Basel, an event that RM attended some time ago. So it’s possible that RM got it when he visited Art Basel.

After knowing the price of the artwork, ARMY gave a funny reaction. Because of the exorbitant price, there are fans who forget that RM is really rich considering his very humble personality. In addition, fans also found touching details of the statue, which was made in the same year as BTS’s debut in 2013.

Meanwhile, BTS itself has announced that it will focus more on the activities of each member. RM also leaked his plans to release a solo album.

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