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Vintage Style Living Room Design

Vintage Style Living Room Upgrade with 7 Dutch Teak Furniture

The appearance of your living room is boring? You can use furniture from Dutch teak to change its appearance. If previously you used a classic interior design, this time you can replace it with a vintage style.

Vintage design itself is not always synonymous with teak or mahogany furniture. You can also use other types of wood such as Dutch teak which can give a vintage impression. The trick is adjusted to the selected furniture.

So that you are not confused, let’s just take a peek at what types of furniture are.

7 Dutch Teak Furniture Perfect for Vintage Living Rooms

Teak wood family room furniture

The reason Dutch teak can be used for vintage interior design is its ease of finishing. You can apply a teak or mahogany color stain on the surface.

Stains can change the color of Dutch teak according to the furniture and design. Plus the wood grain is also quite unique, no less beautiful than expensive teak.

One more thing that is certain is that the price of this wood is much cheaper, whatever the capital of the furniture you can turn it into a vintage look. Here are some types of furniture that can be used.

1. Table for Round Sofa

The vintage style emphasizes the appearance of curves in the furniture. You can choose a table with a round top and four legs that taper to the very bottom.

A table made of Dutch teak and finished with mahogany wood can be matched with a sofa covered in polyurethane leather. Red or blue will be very suitable when combined with this round table.

Make sure that the selected mahogany stain color can still display the wood grain, so that the warm impression of the table can be felt in the family room. You can also choose a round table with additional shelves at the bottom.

2. A Set of Wooden Frame Chairs with Woven Rattan

If we look back at the designs that were trending in the 80s, we will see many chairs made of teak combined with woven rattan. You can imitate the same thing with Dutch teak.

Rattan wicker can be used on the seat and back of the chair and exposes the wood frame. Don’t forget to give a layer of teak or walnut color stain on the wooden frame.

You can beautify this set of chairs with a pillow with a red or polka dot floral pattern. Light colored pillows will provide contrast access to the living room.

3. Cabinet with Sliding Door

The furniture can then be used to store glassware or other items. The cabinet is an important part of the family room which also functions as a decoration.

In vintage designs, you don’t need to use cabinets with carvings. Just choose a cabinet with sliding doors that can tightly close the cabinet area.

The legs of the cabinet are made higher with a tapered shape at the bottom. You can give this cabinet a layer of color in a set with a living room sofa table. You can coat it with a reddish mahogany stain.

4. A Set of Chairs with Velvet Cushion

If you want to display a luxurious vintage impression, the combination of Dutch teak with velvet-covered cushions is perfect for use. You can make an outline of a table and chair set.

On the chair, provide cushioning on the seat and back. Choose a layer of velvet or suede fabric that is navy blue or maroon. You can imitate the retro design for the wooden structure design.

Still with the characteristic short legs and tapering at the bottom, as well as the table from the chair set. This trick can be used if you are tired of using the sofa.

5. Three-Door Cabinet with Glass

Have a large enough family room? You can add a three-door Dutch teak wardrobe. Each door has a glass so that the contents in the cupboard will be clearly seen.

You can put various collections such as books, old radios or other collections that reinforce vintage designs. Crystal collections can also make the living room look more luxurious.

Regarding the finishing, choose a walnut or mahogany color that tends to be old so that the wardrobe can look antique.

6. Long Bench

In addition to providing a sofa, you can also combine it with a long wooden bench. Benches can make it easier if there is a family gathering so you don’t run out of seats.

The bench can be finished in rustic with a walnut color and a combination of black. You can choose a bench with a seat that is thick enough to make it look more sturdy.

Choose a bench with a size that fits the room so it doesn’t look cramped. You can put it against the wall, so when not in use, you can use it as a table decoration.

7. High Shelf

Don’t like the three-door wardrobe? As an alternative you can also use high shelves. The difference is the material used is an iron structure and a Dutch teak wood holder.

You can give a black layer on the frame of the shelf and natural teak color on the holder of each shelf. That way, you will get a place to put collectibles or decorations.

Shelves are made tall and slim, and can be a trick to keep the room looking more spacious.

Tips for Successfully Organizing a Vintage Style Living Room

In addition to furnishing there are several other things that are important to pay attention to. Creating a vintage-style living room is easy, but also pay attention to the following aspects.

1. Giving Motif to the Sofa

Don’t just give plain colors, add motifs. This can be applied to sofas. Give motifs such as brightly colored flowers so that they give a contrasting impression to the room.

You can also add floral fabrics or pillows if you don’t want to change the original upholstery of the sofa. To make it easy, you can rely on a pillowcase made of patchwork.

2. Decorating the Sofa Table

The addition of decorations is very necessary on the family room table. Decorations should not be excessive either, you can give ceramic cups and sweet roasters. It can also be a wooden bowl filled with fruit.

Give a floral patterned tablecloth that matches the sofa. Make sure this tablecloth does not fill the entire table, use only part of it.

3. Choosing the Right Color

Especially for furniture, there are three types of colors that you can give, namely teak, walnut or mahogany. These three colors dominate for vintage designs.

To get sharp colors from the three, you can use Biovarnish Sood Stain. A coat of paint will turn Dutch teak into teak, mahogany or walnut colors.

Especially for teak, you will get several choices such as gardena teak, dark teak, and red teak. Adjust which color you like the most. During the use of Biovarnish Wood Stain, the color of the furniture is not easy to fade.

Follow the tips above for maximum finishing results.

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