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RM BTS Marriage Rumors Denied By Big Hit Music

RM BTS Marriage Rumors Denied By Big Hit Music

Rap Monster or RM BTS, this time there were rumors related to marriage with a non-celebrity woman. For this, his name immediately became a hot topic in one of the South Korean online communities. However, his agency, Big Hit Music, firmly and quickly denied the baseless rumors.

“RM’s marriage rumors are baseless. We continue to take action against malicious rumors that started on YouTube,” said a Big Hit Music representative quoted from Soompi on Friday, June 24, 2022. Big Hit Music firmly denied by saying that the BTS leader’s marriage rumors were not Correct.

Rumors of RM BTS’s marriage first surfaced on an online community, when a netizen with the initials A claimed that his acquaintance would marry RM. “I recently received news from a good friend and my junior. He is seven years younger than me, saying that he will marry RM,” said the netizen.

“He graduated from a prestigious school and his family is also rich. I believe he met RM BTS through a fan meeting between 2014 and 2015,” he continued. Netizens with the initials A also added a statement that his junior told him to remain silent regarding the marriage. A also mentioned that they have not set a wedding date and other details.

In addition, netizen A also included a chat room between him and the junior he was referring to. “I can’t tell you the exact date, but he’s a celebrity. It’s still a sensitive time, so just keep it to yourself. (Groom) is the leader of BTS,” said his junior, telling directly about BTS’s RM.

In addition, the YouTube channel Sojang, which previously revealed the relationship between Seo Taeji and Lee Ji Ah, also reported that RM is preparing for the wedding. “When asked when he wanted to get married, he said at the age of 32 or 33 years. He is currently 29 years old, so that means he wants to get married soon,” said the account owner on the YouTube channel.

Meanwhile, according to an insider, the junior who was involved in the marriage rumors with BTS’s RM is the same person. He had previously been involved in dating rumors with her in the past, but at that time Big Hit Music also vehemently denied the dating rumors circulating. In addition to his agency, RM also denied the dating rumors. “I don’t know who that person is. The poodle belongs to my friend,” said RM BTS.

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