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Relaxing Place in the Home

Relaxing Place in the Home – For those who are looking for ideas to fill the outside area of ​​the house with the remaining corners, hurry up and explore this book of ideas. Because this idea book will take you through many creative ideas with the aim of inspiring your home in style. This time we will focus on the outdoor areas that are often neglected. A variety of simple inspirations will bring about a big change in your living area, which is turned into a relaxing place.

1. Prefabricated Gazebo

Relaxing Place in the Home

If you don’t have time or need a quick job, we recommend making a simple gazebo. There are various ways and this is a great choice for both function and beauty. You can make it really simple or if you want it to be prettier, you can decorate it. This will be easier if it is a wooden pavilion. You can add a beautiful pergola which is not difficult.

2. Corner of the lawn

Relaxing Place in the Home

If you have a large lawn area, take a look at a residence with this view. The addition of an increased area with no concrete in the corner of the garden. There is an attractive hanging swing table chair. On the rocky area are placed beach chairs to lean back and relax. Imagine if you have a bedroom with a view like this, it feels very nice, yes, every day you can see a beautiful view.

3. Modern living with pine

Modern living with pine

If you like modern style, here’s a black steel frame to create a seating area. The roof of the pavilion becomes an area that does not cover all the chairs in order to create a cool atmosphere. The cool breeze can make life less dark and the black skeleton will make you feel full modernization.

4. The roof with side rails in the desert is so beautiful

The roof with side rails in the desert is so beautiful

Maybe many people have various ideas to fill the corner of the house. Charming bush beauty grips this brick house. The domed extension to the beautiful pergola is also complemented by a series of wooden chairs on the stone floor.

5. Terrace with a resort feel

Terrace with a resort feel

Don’t waste your patio area by filling in some wood on the roof of the house. Adjust the front of the house with a wooden deck. The trick is to arrange a comfortable seat like this soft rattan chair. The decorated trees gripping small shrubs make anyone want to sit and relax on this resort-quality terrace.

6. Beautiful for 360 degree

Beautiful for 360 degree

Situated right with 360 degree seating is perfect for a large area. The wooden roof, with the wooden floor underneath and the white curtains in the garden make this area so beautiful. Pebbles and grass welcome along the cobblestone corridor to the corner of the area. The wood used as the base is also quite interesting. This lounge is a place to celebrate birthdays or wedding celebrations with full comfort.

7. Party in country style

Party in country style

If you like country style, try to be more creative for your outdoor design. The chairs are geographically shaped with stone and wood and a roof with a wooden socket base with the top of which is a series of fabrics stretched out in the sun. The wind can penetrate blowing coolness from behind the cloth. This area is perfect for a warm BBQ party. Interesting and lively!

8. Curved roof terrace

Curved roof terrace

In this photo, the terrace with the dome in the shape of the letter A has pillars that are so soft and warm in nature. The downstairs patio area has a few tables and chairs to sit outside. Simple but fun!

9. Lounge with swimming pool

Lounge with swimming pool

For someone who loves home swimming pools, here’s the inspiration. The wooden structure combines with gray fabric elements on the spongy lounge chair. There is also a green pillow that catches the eye. The wicker wood ball lamp at the top sweetens the area. Sitting with a pool view is like being at a resort. But if you like bright colors, change it with a flashy color like red, yellow, orange, or pink.

10. Tub in the garden

Tub in the garden

The idea of ​​a bathtub being an outdoor activity like this is truly unique: a solarium with an inner tub surrounded by trees. The beauty is complemented by the wooden walkways. There is also a pool in the middle of this area which is surrounded by greenery, really helping the atmosphere to be more relaxed and warm after a tired day. A garden like this is simply amazing!

See also this empty area that is maximized as a place to relax

Having an abandoned empty corner or area, let’s come up with fun ideas and creativity to turn it into a place that can be used with the family.

For example, this corner is converted into a kitchen and outdoor garden.

In order to relax here, as if it was not raining, a transparent roof is installed, where at night you and your family can eat food accompanied by the sky and the stars in the sky.

Well, so that the atmosphere is natural, you can put plants in a corner or plants on a wall like this house. The picture of this bench was chosen to make the outdoor atmosphere feel, by presenting a typical wooden picnic bench and table.

Comfortable design for relaxing

This semi-outdoor terrace is perfect for a place to relax. The free air and the plants around it make this area able to refresh the mind and body. It has a beautiful appearance, consisting of a wooden deck, equipped with an open kitchen, a min bar-style table, a long table for gathering and also a roof with transparent glass. This area can be a comfortable and pleasant place to relax.

1. Deck position and location

Because it will be used as a place to relax, you must consider the presence and direction of sunlight.

2. A green atmosphere with the presence of plants

Not only trees, you can also integrate other elements in this area to create a shaded deck feel that blends with nature, by presenting plants and flowers.

3. Foundation for the deck

For a sturdy and strong deck, use a foundation made of concrete.

4. Choose a type of wood that is sturdy, not easily weathered, and comfortable to walk on.

Outdoor area with garden on the roof top

In this residence, the interior architect applies the concept of urban farming on a residential scale. Around the building, green open space is allocated which in addition to functioning as a water catchment area, also functions as an area for gardening food crops that can be consumed directly by the owner. By not attaching this building to neighboring buildings, it makes it easier for air and wind to flow through the building which is also designed with many voids, wide openings and also the separation of 2 building masses.

The gardening area for the owner is not only located on the floor with a ground level, but is also allocated in all areas on the rooftop, and is also equipped with lounge chairs to enjoy the view and fresh air.

A relaxing spot on a small land

A relaxing spot on a small land

Although small, we can turn this area into a fun place, and can be relied on as a place to unwind. You can arrange this outdoor area or terrace to make it look calming, by presenting a garden, patio, or placing some unique garden chairs, such as the following reference. You can maximize this area with a beautiful rearrangement, and put plants in your relaxing area. Interesting isn’t it.

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