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V BTS Spreads Photos of His Characters in 'Hwarang'

V BTS Spreads Photos of His Characters in ‘Hwarang’

V BTS Spreads Photos of His Characters in ‘Hwarang’ – In a new InstaStory upload, V BTS shared photos of his character in ‘Hwarang’ which aired some time ago. Is it true that this post is a sign that V will return to acting soon?

V BTS (Bangtan Boys) spread a number of Story posts on his personal Instagram. No doubt, the activity of the owner of the name Kim Taehyung on social media attracted the attention of fans.

One of V’s uploads that caught attention was InstaStory in the form of a photo of his character Hansung in “Hwarang” which aired from December 2016 to February 2017. V’s post then received various reactions.

Not only does it make fans miss his appearance as an actor even more, there are also allegations that V is missing and wants to play in dramas again. As is known, although character V must have a sad ending, his acting has left a deep impression.

As soon as V uploaded a photo of Hansung, his name and character quickly trended on Twitter. In addition, the keyword “Hwarang” also rose in Yahoo Japan’s real-time search and was at number 13. This reaction indicates that his acting comeback has been eagerly awaited by many fans.

“The next thing you know is actor Taehyung will be back,” said one fan. “Eh? DOES HE WANT A COMEBACK (acting)?” said another fan. “I almost had a heart attack thinking we would see actor Taehyung again,” added another fan.

“Miss ‘Hwarang’,” commented a fan. “Byee, I thought this was for the new drama, it turned out to be photos from ‘Hwarang’,” continued another. “Why did he suddenly upload a photo of ‘Hwarang’… is this a hint of the return of actor Taehyung,” said another.

Meanwhile, “Hwarang” itself tells the story of an elite group of young Flower Knights during the Silla Empire 1,500 years ago. This drama features Park Seo Joon, Go Ara and Hyungsik as the main characters.

V’s character, Hansung is the youngest Hwarang member who has a warm character and gets along with anyone. Even though he looks innocent and cheerful, Hansung holds a lot of burden on his clan. V BTS Spreads Photos of His Characters in ‘Hwarang’.

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