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V BTS opens his heart to Lisa BLACKPINK

V BTS opens his heart to Lisa BLACKPINK – V is now focusing on individual activities because BTS has decided to take a group hiatus. Meanwhile, Lisa, apart from individual activities, is reportedly preparing for a BLACKPINK comeback.

V BTS opens his heart to Lisa BLACKPINK

V BTS (Bangtan Boys), Lisa BLACK PINK and Park Bo Gum compactly attended Paris Fashion Week Menswear Collection CELINE S/S 2023. The trio left for Paris, France by taking the same private jet from Seoul.

In various videos or photos that have spread on social media, the three top celebrities above seem to interact quite closely. One that has received a lot of attention is the unexpected closeness between V and Lisa.

A video recently sparked debate among fans. At night, V seems to make gestures as if to pave the way. After that Lisa emerged from inside the building and V was seen walking behind her.

According to a fan, V is being a gentleman by paving the way for Lisa. However, other fans felt that the singer of “Yet To Come (The Most Beautiful Moment)” was actually just waving at fans.

“Taehyung paved the way for Lisa Celine after the party. Like a gentleman,” wrote a fan. “Please my sweet bear dear (as V) is a respectable man must love him,” continued another.

“He’s not paving the way. He’s waving… can’t you tell the difference?! why is he paving the way when there’s a guard for it,” added another. “Stop spreading false information, he’s just waving,” concluded other fans.

Apart from the debate about the moment above, fans really like the interaction between V and Lisa, but as fellow idols, not in a romantic sense. The reason is that V is currently being rumored to be dating a member of Lisa’s group, which is none other than Jennie.

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