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Lee Joo Young Met IU Involved In 'Broker' Film Project

Lee Joo Young Met IU Involved In ‘Broker’ Film Project

Lee Joo Young Met IU Involved In ‘Broker’ Film Project – The popularity of the film ‘Broker’ in the international arena has increased rapidly so that the actors are also in the spotlight. Like IU who is now in a project with actress Lee Joo Young for the first time.

IU and Lee Joo Young were met when they both starred in the movie “Broker”. However, when the two met Lee Joo Young admitted that IU made a funny first impression.

The film “Broker” received a lot of attention at the 2022 Cannes Film Festival. Including 12 minutes of applause during the film’s impressive premiere at Cannes 2022.

Lee Joo Young talked about her experience attending the Cannes Film Festival, as well as about her co-stars Song Kang Ho and IU on the SBS Power FM radio show Cine Town on Tuesday (7/6).

At first, Lee Joo Young said he didn’t talk to IU much. However, he had gotten to know her better recently, which led to some pleasant moments between them.

Despite being involved in the same film, in fact they never really spent much time together during filming. This is because most of their scenes were filmed at different times.

According to Lee Joo Young, they finally got the chance to hang out well when they shared a hotel room on the last day of the Cannes Film Festival where they actually had a chat together. Now they will even be promoting together in Japan at the end of this June.

“We are getting to know each other more and become closer. We plan to go to Japan together for our promotions in the last week of June as well,” said Lee Joo Young.

Now that they have spent time together and gotten to know each other, there is one good thing that Lee Joo Young learned about IU. According to this actress, IU has positive energy and makes anyone happy when she is around him.

IU has an energy that makes you feel happy even if you’re just with her, doing nothing,” said Lee Joo Young. Maybe her friendly attitude isn’t new to fans. IU’s trip to Cannes alone was enough to prove how kind-hearted she is because proving that he always remains friendly with fanservice wherever his fans are, even showing how protective he is towards his fans by asking his bodyguards not to push fans upon arrival at Incheon Airport.

Given that IU has consistently proven that she is one of the K-Pop idols who is a role model both in her work and attitude. It’s no surprise that Lee Joo Young thought of him as someone who was so comfortable around her. Because IU always treats everyone friendly. Lee Joo Young Met IU Involved In ‘Broker’ Film Project.

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