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BTS's Reason for Choosing to Release Anthology Album 'Proof'

BTS’s Reason for Choosing to Release Anthology Album ‘Proof’ – While There Are Fans Who Are Disappointed That BTS Didn’t Release An Album That Contains New Songs, Some ARMYs Speculate Why The Decision Was Made. BTS Finally Revealed Their Reasons.

BTS’s Reason for Choosing to Release Anthology Album ‘Proof’

BTS (Bangtan Boys) explained the reason for releasing an anthology album for their comeback this time. As is known, the group has just made a comeback releasing an album titled “Proof.”

Despite the overwhelming response to BTS’s latest comeback, the decision of RM (Rap Monster) et al. to release an anthology album instead of a full album has its pros and cons.

While there were fans who were disappointed that BTS did not release an album containing new songs, some ARMYs speculated as to why the decision was made.

In the recent “Proof Live”, BTS officially revealed why they decided that releasing an anthology album was their next right step.

First, it was due to the unexpected and unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic. Most of their plans had to change, and they all had to be flexible with the content they planned to release.

“After our ‘ON’ promotions, the COVID-19 pandemic broke out. In the two years since then, things have changed for us and also for ARMY, right? We’ve done a lot of projects that were unthinkable. I think a lot of things have happened,” he said. Jungkook.

RM added, “True, we can say this now, but most of the things we have done since 2020 were not pre-planned. The same goes for this project.”

According to RM, BTS has done a lot of things spontaneously based on the best decisions they can make at any time aka flexible.

“As we continued, we were sometimes a little scared and unsure if we were on the right path. We were also increasingly doubtful about what the right answer would be. It popped into our minds. We really stuck there,” continued RM.

While releasing an anthology album may not have been something BTS had hoped for, the album’s construction was certainly well thought out. Jin explained that because they have so many songs in their discography, an anthology album feels like a way to sort through their music.

“Since it’s been about 10 years since our debut, we wanted to take a moment to sort out what we’ve released so far. So we put everything in one album. There are a lot of good songs on (our album),” said Jin.

In particular, Jin pointed out that by compiling their discography into a single album, fans can listen to the songs at once.

V also pointed out that anthology albums allow members to share previously unreleased music, which serves as exciting new content for fans and nostalgic content for BTS.

V also confirmed that the anthology album is BTS’ way to finish their “first chapter” before starting the next one.

The music is specially selected by each member, giving an emotional and immersive look into the songs that BTS says help highlight their career, which is represented in their huge discography.

“While we were working on the track list, we realized that we had so many songs. Before we knew it, it became three CDs. When we put together the track list,” said J-Hope.

So one of the CDs contains the history of BTS. Yes, there are all the song titles. The other CD contains stories that our members want to tell each other. Songs with encouragement and respect for one another are included in that CD. And the other CD has (an unreleased song),” he continued.

J-Hope added, “BTS is nothing without our fans, right? So the theme is our love for our fans. And it also features some of our unreleased songs.” BTS’s Reason for Choosing to Release Anthology Album ‘Proof’.

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