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BTS Praised Never Arrogant

BTS Praised Never Arrogant

BTS Praised Never Arrogant – Recently, a Netizen Discussed About BTS in an Online Community. The OP Tells How RM And The Guys Never Showed Off Their World Class Status.

It’s no exaggeration if BTS (Bangtan Boys) is called a world-class music group. But netizens are still surprised by their personalities who never “pretend to be creative.”

Recently a netizen discussed about BTS in an online community. The OP told how RM (Rap Monster) and friends never showed off their world class status.

“To be honest, they are a wall and world class so I thought they would definitely show off. But when I watched their V Live, these kids never turned down anything, did what was asked of them well, especially J-Hope,” wrote the OP.

“They did the encore and sang and danced properly. I found them really cool. They never looked lazy so I kept watching their videos,” continued the OP.

The BTS members were also praised for frequently doing V Lives. Their Instagram uploads are also like ordinary people in general.

“I watched some videos about them and their personalities are very passionate. Seeing Jin always randomly appearing on J-Hope’s V Live is also funny. And what Jungkook can’t do. I almost became a BTS fan,” concluded the OP.

This post received enthusiastic reactions from netizens. Many also praised the BTS members because they never felt that they were world-class celebrities.

“If they start showing off, I feel they will be ridiculed by the other members, hahaha,” commented netizens. “BTS members are not suitable for showing off. They are busy playing with each other,” added another netizen.

“They always look relaxed and straightforward, so that’s why I like them,” said another. “BTS itself sometimes doesn’t consider them an artist,” concluded another.

Meanwhile, BTS will be releasing their new album “Proof” on June 10 with a total of three new songs. The songs in their anthology album will contain BTS’ thoughts on the past, present, and future.

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