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BLACKPINK's Lisa Watches (G)I-DLE's Concert

BLACKPINK’s Lisa Watches (G)I-DLE’s Concert – BLACKPINK’s Lisa makes fans excited because she doesn’t hesitate to show her support for Minnie by attending (G)I-DLE’s solo concert, apparently close to her family too.

BLACKPINK’s Lisa Watches (G)I-DLE’s Concert

Currently, the South Korean government has indeed relaxed health protocols in the midst of the corona virus pandemic. This is because the vaccine has been found and almost all people have received it up to the third dose.

K-Pop concerts that were previously not allowed are now starting to be held again. Even so, they are still asked to wear masks considering that more than 50 people will gather.

(G)I-DLE is the one holding their current solo concert. Fans certainly welcomed enthusiastically about this (G)I-DLE concert.

Unexpectedly, well-known idols also showed their support by attending (G)I-DLE’s concert. BLACKPINK’s Lisa and Sorn, former CLC, were seen here to support Minnie.

Lisa, Minnie, and Sorn are not a secret anymore if they are close to each other. The three of them support each other considering they are both idols from Thailand.

Lisa and Minnie’s closeness has been known for a long time. Moreover, both of them were born in 1997 so that they are closer because they are the same age.

In the portrait shared by Sorn, Lisa is also seen showing her closeness to Miyeon. He was seen posing next to Miyeon which certainly made fans enthusiastic considering that they were both YG Entertainment trainees. Miyeon even almost debuted with BLACKPINK before.

Lisa and Sorn also surprised fans because they were also close to Minnie’s family. In the shared portrait, the two of them also captured a photo with Minnie’s parents who were present at the concert.

Lisa, who was carrying a lightstick (G)I-DLE, was seen posing intimately next to Minnie’s mother. Sorn was next to Minnie’s father.

“Wow beautiful girls. Lisa with Minnie’s family,” said one fan. “Lisa is close to Minnie’s mother,” explained another. “Finally, Neng Lilis has a photo with Miyeon,” said another. “SURPRISE, THERE’S MIYEON SAME LISA,” another exclaimed.

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