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V And Jimin BTS Panic Covers Vulgar Posters In Jungkook's Hotel Room

V And Jimin BTS Panic Covers Vulgar Posters In Jungkook’s Hotel Room – As soon as their latest V Live broadcast started, ARMY noticed that there were rows of pillows on the sofa. Turns out it was to cover up the Vulgar Poster in Jungkook’s Hotel Room.

V And Jimin BTS Panic Covers Vulgar

J-Hope, V and Jimin BTS surprised fans with a live broadcast after their third concert in Las Velas on April 15 local night. Broadcasting in Jungkook’s room, there was a vulgar poster that stole their attention.

As soon as the broadcast started, ARMY noticed that there was suffering on the sofa. Turns out they put it there on purpose for a good reason.

During the broadcast, while they were relaxing and eating, the pillow suddenly fell and their faces changed from worry to panic. ARMY noticed that the pillows were to cover what looked like raunchy posters on hotel room walls.

Jimin and V jumped into action as soon as it happened. The two 1995-born members jumped into action to put the pillows back properly and hide the poster from ARMY’s eyes.

When Jungkook came to join the broadcast, he looked confused as to why there were so many pillows on the sofa. Jimin told him, and the “golden maknae” started laughing as if he understood the reason.

When BTS first arrived in Las Vegas, Jungkook did his own live broadcast in his room. He noticed the image behind him that had been bothering fans during the broadcast, of a couple embracing affectionately in a swimming pool.

While Jimin and V looked panicked when the poster was revealed, Jungkook cleared his throat and cracked a small smile the first time he saw it, then continued reading fan comments.

ARMY can’t forget Jimin and V’s reaction to the falling pillow. Even though Jungkook might let ARMYs stare at the poster, Jimin and V couldn’t just let it go.

Meanwhile, BTS is confirmed to be making a comeback on June 10. The group made by Big Hit Music announced it directly through a video that appeared at the end of their concert.

With that, Las Vegas is the end of BTS’s “PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE” concert tour. The members will soon return to South Korea and will focus on preparing for their upcoming comeback.

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