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Seol In A Gets Gifts From Her Two Fans

Seol In A Gets Gifts From Her Two Fans

Seol In A Gets Gifts From Her Two Fans – Seol In A recently revealed that she recently received gifts from two of her fans in an adorable way and reminded her of her own character.

Seol In A’s popularity has skyrocketed with the broadcast of the SBS drama “Business Proposal” which has stolen the attention of viewers. How not, Seol In A recently received a gift from an unexpected fan.

On Friday (25/3), Seol In A uploaded a photo on her Instagram story. He thanked his fans for sending him a letter and handwritten it on a piece of tissue.

“Thank you for the letter that made me feel like a young girl again. The two (the fan who gave her the letter) jumping while running away reminded me of Young Seo and Ha Ri,” wrote Seol In A along with a photo of the handwritten letter napkin she received from her fan.

“I really enjoyed your acting career. You look very beautiful, so I recognized you at a glance. I only express my heart a little if you feel uncomfortable when recognized. Keep up the good work. Fighting,” wrote the fan letter.

Seol In A thanked fans for their support in an adorable way. Therefore, the two fans who gave him a letter on a tissue reminded Seol In A of her characters in “Business Proposal” namely Young Seo and Shin Ha Ri, played by Kim Sejeong.

It should be noted that the two characters played by Seol In A and Kim Sejeong are indeed attached with closeness and funny behavior. So it’s not surprising that Seol In A saw the figure of her own character against two fans who gave gifts that were unexpected.

On the other hand, “Business Proposal” itself has earned high ratings since the beginning of the drama’s broadcast. It was noted that the viewership rating who watched “Business Proposal” had reached 10.8 percent in the latest episode, which is an achievement for this drama.

Meanwhile, “Business Proposal” itself is the most anticipated drama to air every Monday and Tuesday. This drama is also ranked in the top 10 of Netflix globally, indicating that its broadcast has been accepted by the entire world community.

Seol In A Gets Gifts From Her Two Fans

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