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Minimalist Living Room Wall Hangings

Minimalist Living Room Wall Hangings – We have gathered some of the most popular living room wall hanging decoration ideas for you to choose from. The goal is to give you a large selection of ideas so that you can experiment with different decoration schemes. In order not to struggle, take a look at the following 24 best living room wall hanging inspirations:

Best Living Room Wall Hanging Inspiration

1. Wooden Wall Hangings

Wooden Wall Hangings

The first inspiration for the wall decoration for the living room was wood decoration. Wood can be created into a variety of forms, from home furnishings to items of artistic value as in drawings. The following decorations are made using pieces of wood in several sizes.

The pieces of wood are made to stick to each other in random positions, but still pay attention to their artistic value. Some pieces of wood are carved to resemble the shape of leaves. So that the combination of the two shapes makes the wall decoration made of wood so elegant.

Abstract art from wood

Abstract art from wood

Wood as a decoration of the living room walls can also be designed without patterns and shapes. Such wooden wall hanging creations are known as abstract art. The figure above shows one example of abstract art of wall hangings made of wood.

Such decorations are made of pieces of wood of different sizes and shapes. All these pieces after being arranged with attention to the value of art can turn out to be a unique decoration and different from others. Usually the price of wall decorations like this has a high selling point.

2. Writing Wall Hangings

Writing Wall Hangings

Motivational writings today are also widely used as room decorations. As shown in the picture, motivational writing can be designed with interesting types of writing and paired with a frame so that it becomes an attractive wall decoration.

The ornate shape in the frame is easily placed in the living room and gives a trendy impression as well. So the living room wall decoration in the form of motivational writing can also be one of the best choices at this time.

Quote writing wall hanging

Quote writing wall hanging

No less popular, the following example is still a type of wall decoration in the form of writing, but this time the writing on display is writing derived from popular aphorisms (quotes). Some quotes are very popular and can give someone their own enthusiasm. Not infrequently, quotes can also be a principle that is held. Therefore, making your favorite quotes as decorations turns out to be a good idea too.

Of course, the living room wall decoration in the form of writing will be displayed using a frame. But the commonly used frame is a white frame like the picture. The design is simple, minimalist, yet perfect for your modern home.

3. Abstract Painting

Abstract Painting

Painting is still the best choice of living room wall decoration. A living room without paintings feels like it is not complete, but it cannot also be as long as it displays paintings without meaning. Abstract painting is the right choice so that you don’t misplace certain paintings in the living room.

To be even more neutral, you should choose a black and white abstract painting as shown in the image above. The existence of three black and white abstract paintings hanging on the walls of the living room is so integrated with the monochrome feel of the room.

Abstract painting of faces

Abstract painting of faces

Another abstract painting inspiration that is no less interesting is face painting. There are many varieties of abstract paintings of faces, one of which is as shown in the picture. The painting is very simple, it only displays one color of facial lines and two shades of decoration.

Placing a painting like this as a living room wall decoration will add to the aesthetic value of the room. Of course, it also adds to the uniqueness of the room in your home.

4. Hanging Wall Rack

Hanging Wall Rack

The living room also often requires hanging shelves. If you want the room to remain well decorated, then choose a hanging shelf that can also be used as a living room wall decoration. One of them is a hexagon wooden hanging rack as in the picture.

The hexagon wood shelf as in the picture is unique in shape so it looks aesthetic as well. The spaces on the shelves can also be used as a place to put other decoration objects. For example, such as flower vases, plant pots, candles, and many more.

Iron hanging wall racks

Iron hanging wall racks

Shelves made of iron are also suitable as wall decorations for your living room. The iron arranged into hanging racks as shown in the picture you can vary as needed. Starting from the color size, and the decoration you can adjust to your taste.

If it is made into a hanging rack with a block model as in the drawing, then you can put several objects at once as a display. You can put potted plants, sculptures, even personal objects such as glasses.

5. Wall Stickers

Wall Stickers

You don’t want too many things to decorate the wall in the living room? It doesn’t matter because your living room can stay alive with decorations in the form of wall stickers or wall wallpaper. Stickers chosen to decorate the living room should certainly not be arbitrary. One of the best options is 3d (3 dimensional) stickers as in the picture.

3d stickers model of twigs, flowers, and birds like pictures look alive. The nuances of the living room certainly also become more lively with the presence of these decorations.

6. Minimalist Wall Lamp

Minimalist Wall Lamp

The function of lamps in a room is not always only for lighting. The right selection of lamps can even serve as a decoration of the room as well. If you choose a unique wall lamp for the living room, then the lamp immediately functions as a wall decoration for your living room.

Is like the inspiration of the wall lamp shown in the picture. The shape of the lamps resembling a trapezoid is arranged parallel to the sofa, making the feel of the living room instantly warmer. The color of the lamp that is adjusted to the dominant color of the room is just right.

Wall Lamp

There is also a unique lamp shape that resembles a block with a support box around it. This kind of wall lamp shape not only illuminates the room but also decorates it with the elegance of its design.

The lamp model is also suitable to be combined with wood nuances and a minimalist concept of the room. If you need inspiration for wall hangings in an elegant living room, the example above can be your best choice.

7. Decorative Wall Mirrors

Decorative Wall Mirrors

Wall hangings in the living room do not always have to be paintings or photos. You can put a mirror with a unique model and the right placement as well as a decoration. Like the oval-shaped mirror shown in the picture.

A mirror with a wooden frame is placed on the wall just above a nightstand on which the pots, candles and bottles are located. The living room certainly feels more organized. The placement of the mirror can also make the space feel wider.

Mirrors decorate leaf shape wall

Mirrors decorate leaf shape wall

The unique mirror shape resembling a leaf can also be an option for decorating the walls of your living room. As shown in the picture, a leaf-shaped mirror can reflect the room and make it look more spacious.

The silver mirror frame is very suitable to decorate the walls of the predominantly gray room. The room looks more modern and is certainly fun to be a gathering place for guests.

8. Wall Hangings With Leaf Motifs

Wall Hangings With Leaf Motifs

Leaves are still the most common decoration that is sure to be found in living rooms. Both in the form of actual leaves and in the form of decorations such as the painting above, leaves still provide their own value for the beauty of your room.

Like the three leaf paintings on the following canvas, the three of them are neatly arranged on the white wall. Its green color gives a fresh and comfortable touch. The placement of small plants on the nightstand table also makes the wall hangings seem to be alive

Decoration of dry leaves for walls

Decoration of dry leaves for walls

Then if you want to decorate the walls with actual leaves, then try to use living room wall decorations made of dried leaves. Dried leaves that are often considered garbage can be created into such an interesting work of art. As shown in the picture, dry leaves laid out and framed can then be affixed to the walls of the living room. Your home will be like a rustic theme and definitely don’t have to bother keeping the leaves fresh.

9. Abstract Flower Painting

Abstract Flower Painting

You may be familiar with the floral decorations on the walls of the living room. But over time, such a flower decoration can feel boring. It’s different if you choose abstract flower paintings.

Abstract flower painting wall decoration model as in the picture above is an example. Several flowers are seen combined, but the scratches are not stiff. The colorfulness also brings the living room to life.

Another abstract floral painting option that can be a decoration for the walls of your living room is a painting like this. One large rose with random strokes makes the painting can give a different impression.

This type of painting in particular is very suitable to be placed in a modern room with a dominant black color. Surely the rose red color will make the room look more luxurious and elegant.

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