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Minimalist Bathroom Ceramic Model

In the past, the ceramic model of the bathroom looked very monotonous, most of which were rectangular and without motifs. But along with the shift in value towards the function of the bathroom, now many ceramic craftsmen design beautiful and attractive bathroom ceramics. Not only the color choices are more diverse, now there are many minimalist bathroom ceramic designs with interesting motifs also with shapes other than rectangles. This will certainly make it easier for you to create a pleasant atmosphere in the bathroom. For reference, here is :

12 Minimalist Bathroom Ceramic Design Recommendations

1. Brick-Shaped Bathroom Ceramic Model with Neutral Color choice

One concept that is quite a trend is to leave the wall open in the sense of showing the bricks without layered finishing. The impression of this brick can also be applied in the bathroom by choosing a ceramic bathroom wall that is in the form of a brick and arranged like a brick as well. The white color as shown below gives the impression of lightness and breadth. To beautify it, we can combine it with patterned ceramics with matching colors.

Brick-Shaped Bathroom Ceramic Model with Neutral Color choice

2. Black and White Combination Bathroom Ceramic Motif

One of the very attractive and beautiful color combinations for the bathroom is the combination of black and white colors. The white color that gives a light and spacious impression is beautified with black which gives an elegant impression like the example image below.

Black and White Combination Bathroom Ceramic Motif

3. Mosaic Bathroom Ceramic Model

Buying ceramics that are small in size may be a little troublesome when installing them. But with the right choice of color and size, this bathroom floor tile model will give a beautiful mosaic shape effect to our bathroom as in the following example picture:

Mosaic Bathroom Ceramic Model

4. Good Bathroom Ceramic Color

White is always interesting to combine with many colors such as bright colors in the following picture, interesting isn’t it?

Good Bathroom Ceramic Color

5. Combination of White Bathroom Floor Tiles with Orange

Here’s another example of combining white with bright colors, and orange can be the right choice.

Combination of White Bathroom Floor Tiles with Orange

6. Beautiful Combination of White and Blue Bathroom Floors

And if our bathroom is not spacious enough, we can combine white with other colors on one side only. Give a blue color on one side as shown below becomes a gorgeous accent for our bathroom.

Beautiful Combination of White and Blue Bathroom Floors

7. Latest Bathroom Ceramic Model with Hexagonal Shape

The combination of white and black colors is always attractive for the bathroom. And to make it more unique and interesting, we can play both colors when installing so as to make them more unique. As in the picture below, the shape of hexagonal ceramics itself is already quite unique. And compared to combining it with a balanced number of colors, the owner only gives a small amount of his white ceramics under the bathup which is already white, giving it a unique impression of its own.

Latest Bathroom Ceramic Model with Hexagonal Shape

8. Ceramic Models with Diverse / Mixed Motifs

One of the design trends that is currently popular is installing ceramics with non-uniform motifs. The design concept of the bathroom ceramic motif is indeed similar, such as flowers or batik, but the picture is different. This concept is interesting because it is quite unique so that as a result, our bathroom remains beautiful and attractive as shown below.

Ceramic Models with Diverse / Mixed Motifs

9. Examples of Bathroom Ceramics Combinations of Black and White colors with Various Motifs

The use of ceramics with mixed motifs can also be done in black and white color combinations. In addition to giving a unique and attractive impression, the combination of black and white colors as in the picture also gives a luxurious impression.

Examples of Bathroom Ceramics Combinations of Black and White colors with Various Motifs

10. Green and White Bathroom Ceramic Colors

If you have a spacious bathroom, the choice of green and white color combinations below will create a classic and elegant impression.

Green and White Bathroom Ceramic Colors

11. Simple White and Blue Combination Ceramics

Many ways combine blue and white colors. If you want a simpler and simpler look, we can combine the two colors as shown below by simply buying bathroom ceramics with interesting and voila motifs, our bathroom will be more beautiful. Don’t forget to choose other bathroom accessories such as bathroom showers according to the colors we combine

Simple White and Blue Combination Ceramics

12. Colorful Bathroom Ceramic Motifs Are Hexagonal

The hexagonal or pentagonal shape does give its own unique impression, especially coupled with beautiful colors such as the bathroom below. Very pretty isn’t it?

Colorful Bathroom Ceramic Motifs Are Hexagonal

After determining the design and model of bathroom ceramics that we want, there are several things that must be considered when choosing bathroom ceramics. To make it easier to realize the dream bathroom design, see the following ways and tips for choosing bathroom ceramics.

5 Tips for Choosing Bathroom Ceramics

1. The size and shape of ceramics.

When you want to choose bathroom ceramics, there are a lot of choices of sizes and shapes. From very large to very small, with a variety of shapes that are not limited to quadrangles or rectangles. For large bathrooms, avoid using ceramics that are too small in size. Ceramics such as large pieces of natural stone can be an alternative if you are bored with standard shaped ceramics. Alternatively, we explore with other forms such as hexagons/octagons, we can also combine. We can install smaller ceramics or mosaics on certain parts of the wall. For small bathrooms, the use of ceramics can be more diverse. It’s just that the use of large ceramics can be a little wasteful because there will be many parts that are cut off and wasted.

2. Ceramic colors and tones

It would be nice indeed when we choose ceramic colors, we find a variety of interesting color choices. However, if we want to play it safe and maintain an elegant impression, choose one matching color, for example light blue and dark blue or ceramic colors whose tones are the same, such as earth colors or pastel colors. But if we want to give a sense of contrast, we can use the motif ceramic to be installed on a certain part next to one main color. Or we can use neutral colors such as black or white as other color pairs that create a beautiful contrast.

3. Pay attention to the texture of ceramics

One of the important things that must be considered before choosing ceramics is the texture of ceramics. Because the bathroom floor is often wet and damp, ceramics with a shiny surface are usually more slippery than rough surfaces. This is certainly more dangerous because it is prone to slipping. But we can still install slippery textured ceramics on dry areas because it will indeed give a beautiful impression. Ceramics with a rough texture will be safer. Some people choose natural stone because it looks rougher and safer. But the use of natural stone as ceramics should also be chosen carefully because some natural stones demand more care than ordinary ceramics.

4. Pay attention to the care aspects

When choosing bathroom ceramics, always consider their care. Some ceramics demand more care. Consult the selection of ceramics and their maintenance to the seller or clerk of the ceramics or building materials store when going to buy the desired ceramics. If you want to install white or other light ceramics, you should not install it on the floor / bottom of the bathroom. In addition, ceramics that are too small also require a lot of grout joints which will get dirty faster, so more areas will be cleaned.

5. Use different ceramics on the floor and walls of the bathroom

The use of coarse ceramics usually applies only to floor tiles. We can explore more with more textures, colors and shapes on wall ceramics. We can install slippery, glossy or dove ceramics for the wall. And if it’s good to avoid bright colors on the floor, light colors are highly recommended for the wall to give a light and spacious impression.

With these tips on choosing bathroom ceramics, hopefully we can realize a bathroom that is not only good in appearance, but also comfortable and safe to use.

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