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Bookshelf Design Inspirations

Bookshelf Design Inspirations – Those of you who have a large collection of books, because you really like reading. Surely you really need a bookshelf in your home to store all the collection of books so that everything is neatly arranged and not easily lost or damaged. However, you must also think and want a shape or need inspiration such as how to design a bookshelf that will make your room or house look attractive, and also anyone who sees your collection of books stored on the bookshelf will be interested and can even cause a sense of wanting to read and see your books arranged there.

Well, here are some very cool bookshelf designs below which will open up the bookshelf design inspiration you want and you can realize your bookshelf dream as soon as possible.

1. Bookshelf with the standing book rack design

Bookshelf with standing book rack design

Shelves with models like this are quite minimal and beautiful with a simple design. Maybe this will only save your collection of books that are still not large. With this design, it is also very easy for you to move your bookshelf anywhere. For example, if you want to be in your private room, maybe in the future you want to keep it and look beautiful in the living room, etc.

2. Beautiful bookshelf box shape cut off

Beautiful bookshelf box shape cut off

Boxes that are the same size, that’s where the tempest is used as a storage place for your cool books. And it is also made as if the squares are beside it, if united it will form a square and as if the models are inverted from each other.

3. Bookshelf with tree branch model

Bookshelf with tree branch model

This model looks very creative and unique. Where the wood carvings for the shelves are made of trees that seem to have no leaves and only branches. It is the branches, which are used as storage places.

4. Wall-clinging and very cool bookshelf

Wall-clinging and very cool bookshelf

If the white color feels out of tune with the color of the wall or wall of the room, you can match the color so that it will look more beautiful and look in harmony. Besides that, if your book collection is not too much, you can store beautiful items that fit the size of the shelf to beautify it even more.

5. Bookshelves are very simple in a minimalist room

Bookshelves are very simple for in a minimalist room

This shelf is probably only for the placement of books that are not too much and its nature is only to beautify it. But this design is used to beautify an empty wall so that it will look more attractive. It was a very creative inspiration.

6. Tree shape the bookshelf

Tree shape bookshelf

In the previous number, there was a bookshelf with a tree branch bookshelf design. If this one is also made leaves on each branch. The size also looks larger than before. The thickness of the wood carvings is also better and thicker. The trunk of the tree can also be used as a place to store your book. Really this model is very attractive and beautiful.

7. Bookshelves with root-like models that spread everywhere

Bookshelves with root-like models that spread everywhere

Your book storage must be adjusted to the design of the bookshelf. So it will make it look neater, make it easier for the book you want to look for, and also make it look very unique.

8. Bookshelf with lettering model

Bookshelf with lettering model

It is very rare for anyone to make a bookshelf with a model like this. Really this is very interesting and different. But indeed you also need to be able to place books that are the size according to the storage.

9. Simple bookshelf

Simple bookshelf

You want to have a bookshelf that is simple but unique and makes it very easy for you to slide or move wherever you want because it is not attached to the wall. You can make this model the best inspiration.

10. Bookshelves form characters

This model of the shelf is not particularly difficult for him to make. You can place this creative shelf on the wall or wall you want. But indeed this shelf will not be able to store so many books.

11. Bookshelf with the ball model

Looks really cool right?? With this model, you now have plenty of places to keep your collectible books neatly stored.

12. Bookshelf with a design resembling a fish

Bookshelf with a design resembling a fish

Amazing this design. The level of complexity to make it must be great. because it has to really look real like the aquatic animal. Very cool and creative isn’t it?? You can use it as inspiration for your bookshelf. If you make a large size like a picture you can keep a large collection of your books there.

Those are 12 bookshelf designs that you can inspire. So that your book collection will be neatly organized and stored according to what you want. Hope it is useful.

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