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Tree House Design Photos

Tree House Design Photos – In this century having a tree house is fairly rare or rare. Because, most people prefer to live in luxury places such as apartments, housing, and others. So only a few people enjoy life in an environment or location with lots of trees around it. They mostly belong to people who like nature alone. In fact, nature provides positive energy for our lives. Well, here are some beautiful tree houses that will make us feel more at home in nature coupled with a refreshingly natural atmosphere:

1. A tree house with a birdhouse-like model

This model is very simple but unique. Where under the tree house there is a ladder that connects to parts such as the terrace of the house or yard. As seen in the photo, the location is built on a tall old tree, but for those of you who are afraid of heights. Just choose a tree that is shorter so it’s not scary to be there.

A tree house with a birdhouse-like model

2. Minimalist tree house

This model tree house. You need 2 trees that are close together and of the same size. so that the balance of the tree and the terrace looks balanced. This simple and attractive model is built at the bottom of the tree trunk so that it is not too high you will easily climb up there.

Minimalist tree house

3. Design a unique small tree house

This design is perfect for people who like to relax in a tree house. With a small room space, this is definitely only for relaxing.

Design a unique small tree house

4. A tree house with a large room design

This beautiful house design and complete room are located on several trees as support. This model tree house has complete rooms. The terrace also looks enough to place a swing to relax and enjoy the natural surroundings.

A tree house with a large room design

5. Apple tree house

very small but beautiful this is the model of this tree house. In the shape of an apple with stems and leaves, this model really looks beautiful and unique and attractive so that anyone will want to relax there.

Apple tree house

6. 2-story tree house design

This treehouse really catches all eyes. And really make anyone want to live or have a model of the house. A house that is fairly large for the size of another tree house with a terrace on each floor.

2-storey tree house design

7. Treehouse with ancient house design

The ancient European-style house is a model of the house in the photo above. Simple and classic radiates from every outdoor corner.

Tree house with ancient house design

8. A special tree house for rest time

You can use this design as a reference when you just want a comfortable resting place on a tree. A design that is not too complicated to make, will make it easier for you to have it.

A special tree house for rest time

9. A simple but spacious tree house

This design has a staircase that leads to the top. With a simple model, the model is ordinary but looks attractive because the location is very strategic.

A simple but spacious tree house

10. Treehouse complete with swimming pool

This design belongs to the luxurious category. It’s still rare for a tree house to have a beautiful swimming pool. Even though the swimming pool is not big, it is very difficult to make a pool in the shady trees.

Tree house complete with swimming pool

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