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Minimalist and beautiful garden design

The dream of completing a green area that looks beautiful as a place for a collection of ornamental plants at home is easy. Even with the limited size of the house, you can still create a minimalist garden design as you wish. Here are a variety of inspirations for you about a beautiful and beautiful minimalist garden,

Minimalist Garden Design Ideas For Your Home

1. Minimalist Garden in Front of the House

Having a minimalist garden in front of the house is certainly very beneficial because it will make the atmosphere of the house look cooler, comfortable and beautiful. The front garden of the house does not have to be large and has a variety of plants. A number of ornamental plant pots in parallel or hanging on the terrace of this house can also make a minimalist garden beautiful by maximizing the available space.

Minimalist Garden in Front of the House

In addition, as another option that a garden is not always filled with colorful flowers. For example, the following expanse of grass has also created a beautiful atmosphere.

Minimalist Garden in Front of the House

To make it more organized and no grass to be stepped on, make a path for your minimalist garden. If you want to make the display more attractive, you can use colorful natural stones or a choice of certain motifs.

2. Minimalist Garden Behind the House

The garden in the area behind the house is the most strategic location to build a private family relaxing room. The concepts that can be applied are also very diverse and can be adapted to the wishes. This minimalist garden image behind this one house can be one example.

Minimalist Garden Behind the House

You can turn the remaining land behind the house into a minimalist garden with a number of plants and small trees.

Minimalist Garden Behind the House

3. Minimalist Garden in the House

If you feel bored with an outdoor garden, maybe it’s time for you to choose a minimalist garden in the house. You can choose a desert theme like the image below. No need to worry, the choice of indoor plants is also widely available and of various types.

Minimalist Garden in the House

The garden in the house can also be used as an alternative to air purifiers. You can take advantage of the empty area near the window to make it easier for the natural lighting system needed by plants.

4. Minimalist Garden Next to the House

Next to a house that is usually empty, you can also beautify it by giving a touch of a small garden like this.

Minimalist Garden Next to the House

You can apply dramatic walls that are painted in various colors, then decorate with plants on the walls, corners and also on the floor. After that, don’t forget to install lighting that is no less dramatic. Well, here is another inspiration to decorate the side area of ​​the house, you can combine wood floors with various sizes and shapes of plants.

Then, don’t forget to add chairs and tables as a place to relax with your family.

5. Minimalist Dry Garden

The inspiration for this dry garden is dominated by decorations in the form of pots made of clay. The natural color of this clay deliberately gives a warm feel and a natural impression. In addition, this clay pot can be used to group types of plants to make it look neater.

Minimalist Dry Garden

You can also use the area under the stairs to make an indoor dry garden. Don’t forget to choose green plants that don’t need a lot of water and sunlight because indoor plants are not exposed to direct sunlight. You can choose plants like succulents and cacti. Cover the ground using rocks to prevent it from contaminating the inside of the house.

6. Natural Stone Minimalist Garden

You can play the area behind the house with a minimalist fish pond with natural stones and ornamental plants like the example picture below.

Natural Stone Minimalist Garden

The combination of fish ponds, rocks with plants will give the impression that it blends into nature so that it is cool and fresh in the dwelling. Currently, there are many minimalist homes that apply garden designs in this narrow area because they are relatively easy to maintain.

However, you can still put a minimalist patio chair to relax in the afternoon.

7. Minimalist Garden in Narrow Land

Often the remaining open area in the house is only in the front with a limited area. To work around this, you can apply a minimalist design as a garden in this narrow area.

Minimalist Garden in Narrow Land

The key is to make the garden area look integrated with the surrounding area. Merging with the front porch area of ​​the house is the solution. Next, the presence of the water element in the garden also manages to add a cool impression to the house. Well, the water element in the form of a pool can also be presented in a minimalist garden design in a narrow area like this.

pond garden

8. Minimalist Home Corner Garden

Not only in terms of visuals, the presence of plants in the house also serves to improve air circulation. One of the inspirations for the garden in the corner of the house is the placement of an indoor garden by utilizing the empty area under the stairs.

Minimalist Home Corner Garden

The care of this indoor garden is quite easy. You only need to water the plant once a week. In addition to utilizing the empty space under the stairs, you can present a roaster to your home as a secondary skin.

Minimalist Home Corner Garden

Note that you must clean the hole made of cement and sand at least 2 times a year to be able to channel fresh air into the house.

9. Minimalist Vertical Garden

This minimalist garden design may have often been applied. To get around the limitations of land, making a vertical garden can be a surefire solution. You can place the arrangement of plant pots vertically on the wall area as follows.

Minimalist Vertical Garden

In addition to hanging various types of plants, vertical gardens can also be created with the help of box shelves on the wall. The advantage will make the dwelling has a neater appearance and can accommodate more plants in it.

10. Minimalist Bonsai Garden

Home gardens with bonsai are very dominant to make the appearance of the dwelling more attractive. Because of its unique shape and has been known as an ornamental plant that is much-loved in various circles.

Minimalist Bonsai Garden

Beautiful and beautiful minimalist garden design. What do you think attracted you to apply it?

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