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Creative Ways to Decorate Stairs to Beautify a Residence

Creative Ways to Decorate Stairs to Beautify a Residence – Stairs are the most important element on the house level, because at all times, the activity inside the house is inseparable from passing through the stairs. There are many models of stairs that are now widely used in Minimalist Houses as well as luxury houses. Such as L shape ladder model, Spiral Shape Ladder Model, U shape, Y shape and so on. 

The usual staircase will not give a plus in the design of the house. On the contrary, turning an ordinary staircase into an extraordinary, it is necessary to do to create a beautiful impression in your dream home.

L-shaped households are a favorite, especially in Minimalist and simple Houses. In fact, almost all house models in Indonesia also use a lot of L-Shaped Ladder Models.

For fans of modern Minimalist Home interior design, of course you want a simple, comfortable to use or look at the home stairs. So that decorating the stairs, will make the appearance of the house more beautiful and unique.

There are various materials for making stairs, for example, made of concrete, wood or steel. Its use is also adjusted to the building model. If you inhabit a modern Minimalist House, there are many ways that can be done to decorate the tiny staircase in your home. Having a unique, beautiful and creative staircase, will give a comfortable and artistic impression to the residence.

How to decorate households:

1. Installing carpets

Installing carpets

Installing carpets on stairs has been widely used mostly in luxury style houses. The carpet design used varies depending on the theme and model of the house, so the choice of colors, motifs and carpet materials must be considered. Installing carpets on the stairs will give a luxurious and elegant impression.

The advantage of installing carpets on the steps, in addition to giving a beautiful impression, is that it provides comfort and safety for users. Carpets can minimize the possibility of slipping, absorb dust and absorb sound so that it can reduce noise when used.

As for the shortcomings, if it is too humid, it causes an unpleasant odor, it is difficult to fix if it is torn, has a limited lifespan and must be cleaned regularly to clean dirt or dust.

2. Installing Ceramics

Installing Ceramics

Unlike installing ceramics on the floor, you can decorate the stairs by installing ceramics on the front side of the stairs. Choose small ceramics so that you can use a variety of shades, or you can choose only one type, depending on your liking for decorating. You can choose from a variety of shades to make your stairs look artistic.

The advantages of installing ceramics are that they are easy to clean, there is a large selection of motifs and sizes. While the drawback is that it is easy to break if exposed to heavy objects and is quite complicated in its installation.

3. Putting the Plants

Putting the Plants

Putting plants on the steps is an easy way that can be done to beautify the stairs at home. You can use ornamental plants or Live Plants. If using Live Plants, make sure the size is not too large so as not to interfere with activities on the stairs.

You can install plants variedly or uniformly. For the laying, you can put on each step or give a little distance to the steps, depending on taste. The position can be crossed (usually for wide-sized ladders) or uniform on one side for a minimalist ladder.

Giving plants to the steps can give a natural and cool impression. But if the activity on the stairs is crowded, it can certainly be annoying. In addition, if you give Live Plants, the treatment is quite complicated and can cause your home to get dirty. If you have small children at home, avoid installing plants with crockery pots.

4. Installing the Lights

Installing the Lights

The use of lights on stairs is usually applied to luxury houses and also Modern Houses which mostly use wooden stairs. The use of wood can make it easier to install cables and install fittings. 

You can put a lamp under the steps as well as on the sides of the steps. For the shape and size of the lamp, it can be adjusted to the size of the stairs according to taste. The installation of lights will beautify the appearance of stairs, especially at night. But preferably, the installation of lights on stairs is not applied in flood-prone areas.

5. Painting the Steps

Painting the Steps

Painting stairs is easy to do on wooden or metal stairs because it will produce a good color, not broken, and also to close pores. 

You can use different types of colors and designs depending on your taste, but don’t forget to choose the best quality paint to get maximum results. 

The advantage of decorating the steps with paint, you can choose a large selection of colors and can be repainted if the colors start to fade. The disadvantage of using paint on the steps is that if they are often passed, the color will fade quickly. Applying paint until it can be used takes a long time.

6. Adding Posts

Adding Posts

Decorating the stairs is simple that can be done is to decorate them with an inscription on the front side of the steps. You can put a board on the front side of the stairs and then write down something like motivational sentences, inspiration and so on. 

By using the whiteboard, you can change the writing at will. Decorations like this are certainly very liked by children and this can help develop a creative side in children.

7. Wall Hangings

Wall Hangings

If you have a staircase that is adjacent to the wall, giving decoration to the wall along the stairs will give a luxurious and elegant impression.

You can add photo frames, glass, artwork or other wall hanging ornaments. If the stairs are curved, then make decorations following the direction of the stairs.

8. Sticking stickers

Sticking stickers

It’s not just the walls that can be embellished by adding Unique Wallpapers. You can apply stickers on the front side of the steps. There are various sticker pictures that can be selected according to taste. 

The installation of stickers will make a more lively, unique and creative impression on the steps in your home. Perhaps the installation of stickers on the steps is quite complicated and troublesome, but it will cause a great impression.

In addition to stickers, you can attach used items to make them more creative which will make your stairs look more unique.

9. Decorate the Handrails of the Stairs

Decorate the Handrails of the Stairs

Most staircases have handrails, although in some modern-style houses have stylish staircases without handrails. In addition to paying attention to the design of the steps, you can also decorate the handrails of the stairs. You can decorate it by hanging flowers, lamps or other trinkets.

Decorating the handrails of the stairs can create a classic and cheerful impression, depending on how you want to decorate them. However, for the maintenance of cleanliness, the decoration of the stair handrail is quite complicated, for this reason, decorating the stair handrail is done when there are certain moments such as wedding events or Christmas Moment Decorations.

10. Extra Brackets

Extra Brackets

The outer side of the steps is usually forgotten in decorating the stairs. You can decorate the outer side of the stairs using brackets. Brackets here are ornamental staircases that can be applied to create a classic, simple, but elegant atmosphere. 

You can use simple wooden brackets that can be installed with adhesive. The quality and price of brackets vary depending on the type of wood used. There are various types of bracket models that can be chosen according to taste. 

Those are some creative ways to decorate the stairs at home that can be done in a simple to luxurious style house. You just have to choose according to your taste. Don’t forget to customize the decoration with the theme and model of your dream house. Happy Creating !

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