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Tips for Choosing Wood Paint Colors for Scandinavian Furniture

The nuances of wood from the floor to the furniture are the hallmark of Scandinavian design. Those of you who are interested in this design should look for the right wood paint color. Color selection errors still often occur in the application of this design.

Although the color of natural wood paint is special, there are several different levels of color. Each of these color levels does not necessarily match the needs of Scandinavian design.

7 Tips for Choosing Wood Paint Colors for Scandinavian Furniture

Another hallmark of Scandinavian design is creating large, open spaces with a variety of functional furnishings. For example, a chair with a simple and minimalist design and an attractive appearance.

In addition to the matter of color is more dominated by neutral colors. For example, white can give the impression of being broad, bright and airy. It’s just that for wooden furniture you can’t immediately use white.

It is important to expose the grain of the wood so you will need to stain it. Not only furniture, you can also use the following tips to determine the color of wood paint for doors and windows.

7 Tips for Choosing Wood Paint Colors for Scandinavian Furniture

1. Pay attention to the type of wood

The type of wood will affect the color and what paint products to buy. Indiscriminate choice can cause the color to turn paler or even rougher.

Especially for soft wood with large pores, you can’t directly apply wood stain. Sanding sealer is needed so that the results are even. Meanwhile, if you use hard wood such as teak, the best color can be obtained by using wood stain directly.

You can identify this type of wood by its pore size. The larger the wood pores, the lighter it will be. Another effect is that the wood becomes heavier as the pores become smaller.

2. Color Transparency Level

The color of wood paint can also vary according to the level of transparency. Too transparent can not make the wood turn beautiful. To know how the level of transparency you can ask for a paint sample.

Check if the transparency is good so that the original wood grain can be seen clearly. With the presence of wood stain, the fiber will turn out to be more beautiful. Avoid using wood paint with low transparency.

When applied you will find it difficult to display the beauty of the color of the wood. Pay close attention to the transparency of this paint.

3. Location of Furniture

The next tip is to determine the color based on the location of the furniture, whether the furniture is outside or inside. Furniture that will get special light, either natural or artificial, requires colors that can create an exotic impression. Especially for Scandinavian designs, you can choose the color of teak or the like.

Choose a natural color that tends to be reddish brown or dark brown. Avoid using natural colors tend to be white because it makes furniture unattractive.

4. Best Color (Also) Depends on Application Tool

You should be able to find the best color according to the application tool used. Mastering the use of brushes and sprays can be the main key before starting finishing.

Currently, there are two types of paint that are always competing, namely paint with brush and spray applications. If you want to get a subtle color, a sprayer is the right choice. However, if you want to be much more economical, brush wood paint should be chosen.

5. Original Wood Color

When choosing the type of wood for Scandinavian style furniture, you must choose the right one. The color of the wood affects the effect on this style as well as the color of the paint.

Scandinavian style tends to be dominated by bright natural colors, therefore choose wood such as pine, teak, meranti or oak. Wood like walnut or rosewood is not the right choice.

Especially about the color of the wood, you also have to adjust to the color of the wood stain. Avoid giving only wood varnish because it cannot sharpen the appearance of the furniture.

6. Choose a Color That Matches the Wood Floor

Choose a Color That Matches the Wood Floor

What type of flooring do you use in the room? If using parquet or wood, choose furniture colors that give a harmonious effect. Avoid choosing contrasting colors.

For example, if you use a mid-tone beige wood floor, the furniture can be coated in teak wood. It’s different again if you use a walnut color wood floor, then a wood color like mahogany will be more suitable.

Ask for a catalog of wood paint colors first and then match them with the floor at home. Paste the color catalog on the floor then decide which color suits you best.

7. Match the Colors of the Three Other Objects in the Room

The last tip for determining the color of wood paint is to match it with one of the three objects in the house. For example, you already have natural color frames and doors, then decoration colors such as wooden partitions. Can also adjust to the lampshade.

Giving the same color as other objects in the house will create a dominant impression and remain in harmony. The room will also not get the impression of being too crowded because it adapts to a Scandinavian design which tends to be simple.

Tips for Creating Scandinavian Designs in the Room

In addition to the placement and selection of wood paint colors, several other things need to be considered. Those of you who are interested in Scandinavian design can check out some of the following additional tips.

1. Adding a Touch of Nature

Even though it looks minimalist, so that the room doesn’t feel monotonous, you can also provide freshness. Add plants in several corners of the room to make the room feel comfortable.

Ornamental plants in the form of leaves can be placed in the corner of the room or on a wall shelf. Choose green plants with broad leaves instead of cacti so that the room feels cooler.

2. Accenting Dark Blue

The blue color can distinguish Scandinavian interior design from a minimalist design. In addition to black and white contrasting colors, you can use a less ordinary navy blue.

Give this color access to the sofa cushions or carpet. It can also be in some parts of the decoration so that it makes a contrasting impression with the white walls.

3. Choose Modern Style Furniture

You don’t have to use Scandinavian style furniture, you can also remodel modern style furniture at home. This method is actually more efficient, you don’t need to spend a lot of money.

Just choose which natural wood paint color you want to use in furniture repair. The results are still satisfactory and the desired Scandinavian style can be obtained.

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