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Minimalist Bidet Bathroom Design

Minimalist Bidet Bathroom Design – Bathroom needs cannot be separated from human life. In fact, almost every building in this world has a bathroom. Starting from a bathroom with a squat toilet to a bathroom with a toilet seat.

Not only that, you know, even the design of each bathroom is getting better and better. Both bathrooms with relatively large widths to small ones can all have quite varied designs.

If you want to have a different bathroom design but don’t know where to start. So this article will provide reviews related to tips or recommendations for minimalist bathroom designs, toilets and other things related to the bathroom.

Bidet Bathroom Design Recommendations

It is undeniable that every human being has a different sense of comfort. Even for bathroom design needs, everyone can have different desires. Because it relates to comfort.

So it’s no wonder everyone builds a bathroom with the design or feel they want. Well, the explanation below can help you in choosing the desired bathroom design.

1. Bathroom With Natural Shades

1. Bathroom With Natural Shades

If indeed you are one of the people who get bored easily. So you can also use natural shades in the bathroom. This natural nuance can be helped with the addition of ornamental plants in the interior of the bathroom.

In addition, there are natural stone ornaments. Where the addition of this natural stone can also more easily make the bathroom look more elegant as well as easily make the mind fresher.

Even for the treatment of this natural stone, you only need to use varnish to avoid moss, fungus and weathering. In order to make it look brighter, the application of a clear ceiling combined with a large lamp is the best choice.

2. Bathroom With Patterned Shades

Bathroom With Patterned Shades

A bathroom with a sitting type toilet can give the impression of luxury. Especially if the presence of a toilet seat is combined with a bathtub or shower. But when it wants to be done.

So we need a bulkhead or a vague boundary between the bath and the toilet. The goal is so that water does not easily enter and also does not get muddy. To avoid feeling monotonous and boring.

You can use floor tiles with patterned models. This will still be able to make an elegant impression on the bathroom that you make.

3. Bathroom with a Barrel Touch

Although most barrels of natural stone or cement are often applied to the squat toilet bathroom. But there’s nothing wrong, you know, if you want to use a barrel that is combined and matched with the toilet seat.

Then for the floor you can try granite or patterned ceramics. This way you can get a mix of modern and traditional nuances. You can also get a different impression with this mixed bathroom.

4. Bathroom 1×1

Bathroom 1×1

Not all bathrooms have a wide enough area. Some people who decide to make an indoor bathroom must be smart to find the right size. Most sizes used are 1×1 m.

With such a small size, you can actually get comfort, you know. Starting from the arrangement of the sink, it can be placed at the back of the bathroom door. Furthermore, on the inside of the bathroom a different room is made.

One room to pee and the other to shower. In the bathroom, the floor should be made higher so that the water does not come out. Then in the laying of the toilet should be given a drainage hole in the middle area. This is intended so that there is no puddle of water in the bathroom.

5. Aesthetic Bathroom

Aesthetic Bathroom

You can also create an aesthetic impression in the bathroom. You can try a bathroom with this aesthetic feel by applying a hanging bathtub. Then for the toilet seat can be given a wallpaper to make it more beautiful on the cover.

You can also give a minimalist shelf that can be used to store bathroom necessities such as towels and others. Then for the walls and floors, you can use granite tiles and also ceramic motifs.

6. Bathroom 2×1

Bathroom 2×1

Not only with a size of 1 × 1 m, but the size of 2 × 1 m for the bathroom is now also one of the trends that is often the choice of homes with minimalist designs. Of course, with this size, you can really remodel the interior design that is combined and matched with the toilet seat.

It is better to place the toilet in the middle between the bathroom and the sink behind the door. You can also use a choice of color themes that you want to use on the walls. It can also be a monochrome theme or it can be a modern theme.

If you choose to use a bathroom with a monochrome theme. So try to place an ornamental plant so that a more comfortable impression is obtained. You can also add a frame to a certain part.

7. Simple Bathroom

Simple Bathroom

If you are one of those people who like simple things. Then you’re also can realize the feel of a simple in the bathroom residence. But in this case the color combination you choose also needs to be considered.

Or you can also use two ceramic motifs that are mixed and matched to stay in harmony. Then for the tub, you can try using a unique shape such as a barrel made of natural rock. With this concept, simple nuances will be more easily realized.

8. Bathroom 2×3

Bathroom 2×3

The bathroom with a size of 2×3 m is quite large. With that size you can try to put a bathtub in it. The placement of the bathtub can be in the corner of the bathroom.

Then for another is the selection of ceramic colors. You can try to choose according to taste such as white or blue. Next, give a touch of ornamental plants in the bathroom. The plant can be placed hanging.

9. Bathroom with a modern feel

Bathroom with a modern feel

Talking about the toilet seat can’t be separated from the modern impression. Although to create a modern feel does not always require a large enough area. Because even with a small room, you can easily create a modern impression.

In this modern bathroom, it will usually be divided into two models of rooms that are separated by glass. This room is a wet part for bathing and a dry part for defecating. With the presence of a separator, water will not accumulate in other areas.

In addition, usually bathrooms with modern nuances also often use additional touches of wood in it. You can make a shelf for bathroom furniture with wood-based materials.

10. Luxury Bathroom

Luxury Bathroom

Of course, if you hear the word luxury, it can be interpreted if everything can give a different impression. You can try choosing vintage, rustic colors or like a touch of European accents.

A bathroom with a luxurious feel also needs to be given other touches, starting from the glass, the sink to the special bathroom furniture storage area.

With these 10 minimalist bathroom design recommendations, you can say it will make it easier for you to create a room full of comfort. But also make sure that the theme chosen is in line with the funds you have.

If the funds and the theme you choose, there is no problem. Then the process of decorating or remodeling for the bathroom will also be smoother, of course.

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