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Important Preparation Before Making a Wooden Chair

To make a minimalist wooden chair, you certainly need preparation. The preparation stage in making a minimalist wooden chair you have to do to the maximum. Including when you choose the finishing material to be used. At this preparation stage, you can determine for yourself the quality of the minimalist wooden chair that you will make.

DIYers, did you know that preparation is an important key to your success to get great results? Without this preparation you will not get a chair that has an attractive appearance, is strong and also durable. So preparation for making chairs is the most important thing, especially for chair users later.

Preparation for making a minimalist wooden chair

In preparing to make a chair you must know which model or style of chair to choose. For beginners, a minimalist chair is the easiest chair to make. This chair does not cost much, even to make one chair, the materials used are not too much. This is because the size of the chair and the chair model are very simple.

But because it is simple you should not underestimate or ignore how the size and style is chosen. In the lesson of preparing materials and equipment before making this chair, you can learn it through this article.

What preparations need to be made? What tools are used, how can you measure them and what are the finishing materials you can use? It all starts with the design of the chair. Although minimalist, there are several designs that you can choose and use. Make sure your design is mature along with the right size and scale to make it easier for you to measure and cut materials for installation.

You can make this design problem roughly or you can also use a computer. In this modern era, using a computer for making designs is more reliable because there you can provide the right size then print the design and see which one you are going to work on first.

1. Preparation of Wood Materials and Tools

If you have obtained a hardcopy image design, then next you need to choose wood. There are various kinds of wood materials, you just need to choose them according to the function of the chair later. If you want to use a chair as a patio chair, choose a type of wood such as teak. For a cheaper price, use young teak.

Persiapan Material Kayu dan Peralatan

As for indoor chairs, you can use softer wood such as ironwood or Dutch teak wood and even pine wood. These woods are suitable for indoor use and even have a nice grain. So to start with, you can buy this wood at the nearest wood shop.

Choose wood that doesn’t have a lot of holes and knots, as this will make it difficult to cut. Then choose wood with the same color or not too different in color from sapwood and patio wood. You will find it easier to finish with varnish later. Buy wood according to the size of the table so that the wood you buy is not too much or not too little.

Next take your lumber home and prepare the equipment. For the tools used, you can use a saw table to cut wood. But you can also use a manual saw if you don’t have one. Prepare an electric sander if you have one, also prepare a clamp if you are going to glue each corner of the chair.

The meter to measure and lastly is a safety device. In creating a minimalist wooden chair you need some safety equipment such as glasses to protect your eyes from wood chips, a mask so you don’t inhale sawdust and also earplugs to protect the loud noise from the cutting machine.

2. How to Assemble a Minimalist Wooden Chair

  • Measure all the wood you have purchased and then cut it to the specified size.
  • If you are going to use glue as an adhesive, then sand the entire elbow before applying the glue.
  • Sand the entire surface of the substrate, this process will help open the surface of the wood pores and make it easier for the glue to absorb into the wood pores.
  • When you’re done gluing, use a clamp and let it sit for a few hours. Then the glue will soak and you will get a strong seat elbow.
  • After the chair assembly process is complete you need to coat the chair with varnish or polish. You can choose several types of finishing materials that are suitable for your minimalist chair.

The Right Finishing Product for Minimalist Wooden Chairs

If you are confused about choosing a minimalist product, here you can choose it easily. There are many products and brands that you can choose from. Knowing the paint solvent will make it easier for you to choose the right type of paint. The first is solvent paint, solvent paint is paint that can be used with thinner solvents. The second is water based paint, this paint can be used with water solvent.

Produk Finishing Tepat untuk Kursi Kayu Minimalis

Which is the best of solvent paint and water based paint? When viewed from the durability and price, most people will choose solvent wood paint. Many people think that water based paint is an expensive and not durable paint. But is it true?

You can try finishing with Biovarnish paint, which is a water based paint substitute for conventional varnishes and varnishes such as Shelac. Biovarnish products which consist of wood filler, wood stain and clear coat will create a strong film layer and even last for more than three years for indoor furniture such as living rooms.

If you look at its durability, you can apply this paint to patio chairs that will be exposed to continuous heat from the sun or rain and high humidity. The presence of wood filler that will lock the function of the wood pores will inhibit the absorption of moisture and also keep the natural wood color from fading. In other words, the assumption about water-based paint that doesn’t last long is wrong.

Solvent paint is paint that requires thinner. The use of thinner in one liter or one kilo of paint is quite a lot and the price is not cheap. Thinner is a volatile liquid so you have to be prepared for its very wasteful use. So it is not impossible if you need two liters of thinner for the application of one liter of solvent paint. You will also have to spend more money.

Meanwhile, if you use water based paint, you don’t need to buy thinner. The paint products used only require water which you don’t need to buy at a high price. Adna only needs to prepare water that is not acidic or has a pH of approximately 7. This pH is very good and will not damage water based paints when mixed. You don’t have to spend more money on solvents, do you?

So when compared, it will be more profitable if you buy a water based paint such as Biovarnish paint for finishing your new chair. This Biovarnish brand water based paint still has many other advantages that you can get.

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