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Home Furniture You Can Make Yourself

Owning a house at a young age is not impossible. In addition to relying on mortgages, you can also start step by step buying land and building buildings there. After that, then you buy other home equipment. Well, to be more efficient, you can outsmart it by just DIY furniture.

Home furniture that you make yourself is no less beautiful than the furniture on display in property stores. Even your house will seem more unique and quirky. Well, curious how to make it? JL Hard Worker gave his review.

Here’s How To Make Home Furniture That You Can Make Yourself

1. Decorate the edge of a simple mirror with used cardboard

decorate the edge of a simple mirror with used cardboard

This exclusive and beautiful mirror can sometimes be exorbitant. But don’t worry, without having to spend a lot of money, you can also display a beautiful mirror in your home. The way out is to use the cardboard used for the egg.

The trick, stick the mirror on the board. Make sure you give a little space on the edges to attach decorations, okay? Then cut the protrusion of the egg carton and trim it so that the paper fibers don’t fall apart. Then stack some of the cutouts and attach them to the edges of the mirror using glue. Well, if you want the flowers to look brighter, color the egg cartons with paint before affixing them. Without spending a lot of money, a beautiful and exclusive mirror can be displayed at home.

2. Rattan lamps make the light cooler in the eyes

Rattan lamps make the light cooler in the eyes

Currently, rattan lamps have become a mainstay property for cafes and restaurants. This item not only gives a romantic dim effect, but the interior of the room also becomes more artistic. Well, you can also apply it in your home you know.

You don’t have to buy it, it’s easy to make your own. Use an inflatable balloon as a mold. However, make sure you have attached plamir glue or tacky glue so that it doesn’t explode easily. Then cover the surface of the balloon with a rattan rope. When the lapu frame is ready, pop the balloon with a needle. Now, this rattan can be used as a lampshade at home. Whether as a room or garden light, this rattan lamp makes your home pleasing to the eye.

3. Used tires become comfortable and comfortable seats

used tires become comfortable and comfortable seats

You want to make a lounge chair? No need to rush to the property store, turn back to the warehouse and just use used car tires. With a little touch of creativity, a tire that just stops can be transformed into a chair, you know.

First of all, clean your car tires with a brush. Then put a thin wooden plank on it, then cover the entire surface of the tire with rattan rope. After that, use oil paint for finishing so that your rattan rope looks brighter. You can also add foam or box pillows to make it more soft. Well, besides being able to use it as a seat, this used tire creation can also be used to put a frame or decoration in the room.

4. DIY a table from an aluminum frame

DIY a table from an aluminum frame

Long perforated aluminum commonly sold in building stores is often used to make sales or library shelves. This aluminum can also be used to make a table, you know. The method is not complicated. Unite several frames to form a cube. To put them together, you can ask a welder or use wire. Then place a wooden plank that has been plamired or clear glass. Display a flower vase, the living room looks more beautiful.

5. Ricks and wooden blocks for seating

bricks and wooden blocks for seating

One of the home properties that drain savings is a sofa. These soft seats are usually sold at unfriendly prices. But don’t worry, you can make your own unique sofa.

The steps to make it don’t make you dizzy. Place the pile of bricks in two parts. In order not to be easily shaken, use cement as an adhesive. After that, connect these two blocks with some wooden blocks. If you want it to look brighter, color it with paint. After that, put foam and a small pillow on it. A unique and quirky sofa is ready to fill your home.

6. Wooden plank bed

wooden plank bed

Continually rising property prices often drain your money. Well, to overcome this, you can make your own bed. Your savings are still safe, if you want to use a quality wooden plank that has been painted as a bed base.

The trick, make a rectangular box using a wooden board. Then attach additional boards as a bed frame. Then attach a few pieces of strong wood as a base so that the mattress you put doesn’t fall down. You can also install a large wooden plank that stands upright as a sweetener for the bed. Well, only with wood and a good mattress, an exclusive quality bed ready to fill your home.

7. Mat made of stone in front of the door

mat made of stone in front of the door

Many people use coir or cloth for a doormat. Not only made of it, if you want your house to look more unique with a minimal budget, just make a stone mat. Buy some black stone and a grip liner. Glue the stones neatly using strong glue on the grip liner. Then install your own unique doormat at the door. Guaranteed, the guests who visit will definitely be glued.

Having a beautiful, comfortable, and unique home is everyone’s dream. Without having to spend a lot of money, these 7 home property creations can be a solution to make your dreams come true.

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