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How to Install The Sliding Door of The House

How to Install the Sliding Door of The House – One way to overcome space limitations is to use pesers. How to install a sliding door yourself is fairly easy. Sliding doors are widely used in urban homes because they are very functional. Can be used as a room partition while making the room look wider with the use of glass-paneled sliding doors.

The popularity of this type of door has existed since ancient times, precisely in Japanese culture. Maybe you are familiar with Japanese sliding doors (shoji) because they are often shown in movies or anime series.

According to history, sliding doors originated in Eastern culture, until eventually spread to all corners of the world.

How to Install The Sliding Door at Home

1. How to Install Sliding Doors with Precision

The first step that you should pay attention to in installing a sliding door is to make sure the corners are precise.

To make the angle precise, try to use a shaving machine to make it faster and more effective.

Draw the top, bottom, right, and left of the sliding door that you will install.

2. Install the Sliding Door Wheel

The main component of a sliding door is a wheel that must be installed. This wheel acts as a sliding point for the door.

Install this wheel by tightening the bolts, use a drill to make it easier and tighter.

3. How to Install Sliding Doors with Slots and Handles

This slot functions as a door slot in general, which functions as a door opening and locking mechanism.

The way to install it is to make a hole in the door according to the size of the slot to be installed.

After the slot is installed, you just need to continue installing the door handle.

4. Make a 1×1 Centimeter Hole

Continue by making a hole 1 cm deep and 1 cm wide.

This hole will function as a door holder when opened and closed.

5. How to Install Sliding Doors by Placing Rails

Sliding doors run on a rail system built above the door leaf. This rail becomes the path of the wheels that have been installed.

Install rails that match the size of the wheels and sliding doors. Then install the lock so that the door does not come off when it is moved.

7. Install the Bottom Retainer

To install the bottom retainer, you must use a drill with a special concrete drill bit.

This retainer is also intended to hold the sliding direction of the door from exceeding the limit.

8. Sliding Door Performance Test

After all processes have been passed and the necessary components have been installed, test its performance by sliding it repeatedly.

This is intended to see if there is an error in the installation.

Tips for Caring for House Sliding Doors to Stay Durable

1. Clean Periodically

Sliding doors may look fine, but they actually have vulnerable spots if they aren’t cleaned regularly.

Dirt easily accumulates on the sliding door wheels, the more the door accumulates the harder it is to move.

Clean the wheel using a small brush, if necessary apply lubricant.

2. Check the Screw

Perform regular checks on the condition of the installed screws, especially if you use a hanging sliding door.

The screw that is installed may not be strong enough to support the weight of the door because it has been too long.

If you find any signs of damage, immediately replace it with a new screw.

3. Add Rubber or Foam

Sliding doors often make an uncomfortable squeaking sound when moved.

To work around this, apply rubber or foam along the edges of the door.

4. Use Reasonably

Sliding doors are prone to damage if they are not used properly.

Get in the habit of opening the sliding door slowly, because if it is too hard it can damage parts of the sliding door itself.

Even the rails can tilt if they are frequently opened and closed hard.

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