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How Big Is A Sectional Couch

To paraphrase a recent SNL sketch: “Where standard couches end, sectionals bend!” These “bendy” couches have become quite popular in modern homes thanks to their customizability. However, since sectionals can be so easily re-arranged, they could be a pain to measure. If you’re curious how big an average sectional couch is, then you should certainly read the research we’ve done on the topic.

Today, there are dozens of sectional models and configuration styles, which makes it impossible to give a “standard size.” However, here are a few average measurements that could give you a sense of how much space these couches will take up:

  •  Most often, each seat in a sectional measures 30″ – 36″ long
  •  The total length for most full-sized sectionals is usually 95″ – 150″
  •  The full width for most full-sized sectionals is usually 95″ – 160″
  •  On average, the depth between a sectional’s seat and the back is 37″ – 40″
  •  Sectionals that have a chaise typically have a max depth of ~60″
  •  The average height of a sectional is usually between 26″ – 35″

Remember: the above figures are rough estimates. Nowadays, there’s a wide assortment of sectional designs to choose from, so be sure to search around. Below, we’ll take a closer look at average sectional sizes to help you determine what works for your space.

What’s The Average Size For A Sectional Couch?

One of the great features of a sectional couch is that it’s incredibly customizable. However, this customizability makes it complicated to get a clear read on a sectional’s size. Since you could configure these couches in so many ways, customers often don’t know how to measure them accurately.

However, customers should always remember that most sectional sofas have single seats that measure 30″ – 36″ across. So, as long as you know how many seats your sectional has, you could get a rough estimate on the length and width of your sofa.

According to home decor experts, you can expect the average length of a full-size sectional sofa to be between 94″ – 156″. As for the width, most full-size sectionals measure 94″ – 168″.

Since these full-size sectionals are relatively large, most people reserve them for a spacious area like the living room. However, there are now smaller three-seat chaise sectionals that measure as little as 78″ x 61″. So, although sectionals typically require more space than standalone sofas, please don’t feel like they’re only suitable for living rooms.

Also, remember your sectional’s design will influence how much space it takes up. For instance, L-shaped sectionals could stand flush against a wall, thus eliminating a lot of space. On the opposite extreme, curved sectionals are large and typically go in the middle of the room.

As a final warning, don’t forget to measure your doorways and hallways before your sectional arrives. While your sectional might fit well in your room, that doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be able to fit it through the doorway!

If you’d like more info on average couch sizes, be sure to read through our post, How Long Is A Couch?

How Do You Arrange A Living Room With A Sectional Couch

How Do You Arrange A Living Room With A Sectional Couch

Figuring out how to arrange your sectional depends on many factors, including your living room’s size, your sectional’s design, and your aesthetic preferences. But no matter how you arrange your sectional, ensure that there’s enough space for your family to walk around comfortably. This is a “living room” after all—you don’t want people to be constantly tripping over the sofa!

So, how much extra space should you allot for your sectional sofa? According to most home experts, you should ensure there’s a minimum of 18″ of space on each side of your sectional. Obviously, you’ll save some space if you opt for an L-shaped sectional that could fit against your wall.

As with any new furniture piece, it’s a good idea to put down masking tape where you want your prospective sectional to go. This is an easy way to test how much space your sectional will take up. If you find yourself frequently “bumping” into this tape, then it’s a safe bet it won’t work in your space.

Wherever you put your sectional, most decor experts recommend placing a large rug underneath. Many people also put a coffee table in the middle of their sectional for convenience and style.

coffee table

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As a final flourish, consider adding a few pillows to the corners of your sectional.

these pillows

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Are Sectional Couches A Good Idea?

Are Sectional Couches A Good Idea?

Choosing a sectional vs. a standalone sofa depends on multiple factors, but your primary concern should always be space. While some three-seat sets could work in smaller rooms, sectionals are typically designed with spacious living rooms in mind. Take accurate measurements of your area before you begin shopping for sectionals.

Once you’ve confirmed you can fit a sectional in your room, you should consider whether it fits your family’s needs. Most often, large families enjoy sectionals because they can accommodate more people. Also, if you’re someone who does a lot of entertaining, you’ll love the additional seats that sectionals offer.

It’s also worth mentioning that some “chair purists” pooh-pooh sectionals because they don’t look as elegant as standalone sofas. While this is purely a matter of taste, sectionals often give off an informal relaxed vibe. Please double-check that this style fits your aesthetic vision.

What Should You Look For When Shopping For A Sectional?

What Should You Look For When Shopping For A Sectional?

Today, there are many shapes to choose from, but the top designs are L-shaped, U-shaped, curved, and chaise. Of these styles, the L-shaped and chaise offer the greatest versatility. If you don’t have a ton of space to play with, it’s best to begin your search with these two models.

U-shaped and curved sectionals provide more seating, but they require a lot of space. If you’re someone who does a lot of entertaining and has a big living room, these larger options make it easy to have comfy conversations with many guests.

For the best of both worlds, then you might want to consider investing in a modular sectional. Typically sold in five-piece sets, modular sectionals can be arranged in a wide array of styles so you could easily switch up your living space. Aside from the shape, there are other factors to consider.

Special Features

In addition to design, you should look into any special features your sectional offers. Nowadays, you could find sectionals with unique features like USB chargers, cupholders, and recliners. There are even a few sectionals that double as a makeshift mattress. Having a few of these extra features could make it a lot more convenient to keep your guests happy.

How Do You Measure A Sectional Couch?

How Do You Measure A Sectional Couch?

To get a proper measurement of your sectional, focus your attention on the total length and width. With every sectional model (besides curved), you could easily get these points by measuring the two longest sides.

When you’re looking up official dimensions online, please remember these were taken while looking directly at the sectional. However, with curved sectionals, you have to imagine a rectangle around your unit to make sense of the dimensions.

If you’d like a more in-depth review, be sure to read through our post on How To Measure A Sectional Couch.

Final Thoughts

Sectionals are sensational for large families, group parties, or people who love to lounge around! Although these sofas are most often associated with large living rooms, some new models might work in smaller-than-average areas. As long as you take precise measurements of your sectional and your living space, you shouldn’t have difficulty figuring out whether it’s the right “fit” for you.

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